What are the Top Benefits of Workflow Automation and How to Harness Them

Businesses everywhere are looking for efficient solutions to their problems. When the problem takes the form of tedious business processes, the solution comes up as workflow automation

Workflow refers to the series of activities lined up to successfully complete a task. Workflow automation enables businesses to identify tasks that could be effectively carried out by a machine and assigns a predetermined set of rules to perform the function. It consequently removes manual involvement from the equation. Automating the workflow would optimize business processes by efficiently replacing humans with automation software that accomplishes all or part of a task.

Workflow automation is usually employed in business processes when tasks involved are repetitive and redundant and usually do not require skill-intensive involvement. Automating workflow provides a boost in time efficiency and significantly decreases the probability of human error. Using workflow automation, businesses can achieve optimum performance with lesser effort.

Benefits of Workflow Automation

Productivity Increase and Cost Reduction

There are a lot tasks associated with running a business that are routine and  predictable. When such repetitive tasks are automated, employees who were assigned these tasks have more time to devote to tasks and processes that are better aligned with their skills.

Since workflow automation may be employed in all and any areas of business operations, each team would be better efficient at their work and hence, an increase in productivity.  This increase in productivity can be linked forward to time efficiency and therefore, better returns.

Minimal Scope for Errors

Organizational functions and tasks involve a large margin for errors. If not done with tailored accuracy, it will result in potential losses in both inefficiency and time. However, automated systems do not commit mistakes.

An automated workflow system runs in accordance with preset rules and instructions assigned to it and continually maintains accuracy in all undertaken tasks. It can also be programmed to undertake different courses of action in different situations, often following an if-then method.

Elimination of Task Redundancy

According to research, workers spend 69 days of a year doing mundane tasks that require minimal skill or are redundant in nature. These low-skill tasks may be assigned to workflow automation systems that will efficiently carry out them routinely and accurately. Preset rules assigned to the system guide the tasks at hand and therefore, produce optimal results. For example, the system can help assign a manager to interview a candidate after comparing and considering the schedules of all available managers.

Marketing and Lead Management

Organizations devote a lot of time to marketing activities.  Incorporating workflow automation into its digital marketing schedule would allow for more efficient operations. By doing so, the system can closely monitor and track marketing analytics.

In addition, automation would prove beneficial while dealing with prospective clients and managing their buying cycle. Preparing scheduled tasks and checkpoints is helpful in driving conversions.

Organized Repository of Tasks

Digitized and automated systems in workflow help businesses keep track of all their operational tasks. There is a record for all the workflow processes that are being carried out which in turn aids in efficiency and productivity increase.

From marketing automation, and customer relationship management systems to robotic process automation, there exists a wide array of sectors in which workflow automation may be inculcated. The choice to automate business processes is one that would add value to the company in matters of time management and employee productivity.

Harnessing Workflow Automation

Workflow automation may relieve all departments of a load of manual operations, from administration to finance and IT to marketing. Here’s how workflow automation software can help every department in your company:


By creating a collaborative dashboard that provides a unified platform to manage marketing activities, the Marketing team can incorporate these systems as part of workflow automation. Automating permission sanctions to concerned authorities may also be another way of automating marketing tasks.

Human Resources

The human resources team can have onboarding and offboarding processes that may be curated according to preset guidelines. Workflow automation allows for reducing significant amounts of paperwork by digitizing the processes.


Finance can involve automation by organizing auto-payment options that may be scheduled for routine invoices. The creation of a digitally automated payroll system is also a great addition to the finance team.

IT Support

Assigning escalations and support requests according to employee availability may be beneficial for aiding the IT team. Redundant requests may be instantly eliminated using automatic processes.

The Value of Workflow Automation

In essence, a workflow automation system is necessary since it continuously provides a great experience for your clients, both external and internal, when it comes to the finished work product.

Work is completed faster, and workers can accomplish more with the resources they have. Plus, your team and department managers will be able to justify budget allocations and performance based on facts rather than opionions.

Finally, workflow automation is necessary because it allows you to gain a competitive advantage over manually-driven competitors by offering higher-quality work and services at a cheaper cost while still reaping the benefits of automation.

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