What Kind of Apps Can You Make with Low-Code?

Low-code application development platforms have enabled businesses to create high functioning enterprise applications with minimal financial expenditure, as well as a faster development cycle than ever before.

In our constantly digitally evolving business environment, low-code application development software allows users to substitute time-consuming, repetitive traditional coding methods with more systematic automated coding techniques.

Gartner estimates that more than 65% of application development will be dependent on low-code application development technology by 2024. This is because low-code application development platforms have the power and agility to create a wide variety of different complex applications.

Applications that low-code can build

1) Call centre management applications

Call Center Management Applications can help your business manage all incoming and outgoing calls and obtain an accurate overview of your sales agents’ overall performance.

Low-code application development software can further assist call centre management software by integrating predictive auto-dialers, automating caller contact lists and securely collecting, recording and displaying client data and insights. Corteza uses chart-making tools to effectively display customer data and analytics, which can further help draw valuable insights which can aid in decision making.

2) Education management applications

Education management applications are becoming more vital as most educational institutions have recently diverted to remote learning. Tracking, updating and securing sensitive student data can prove to be time-consuming and tedious. As a result, the global market of education technology grows by approximately 14% annually.

However, low-code education management software applications can help your educational institution automate academic and administrative tasks such as report card generation and provide asynchronous learning opportunities for students. This will ensure complete accessibility of educational resources and help provide a more practical learning experience for each student.

3) Hospital management applications

With the uprise of the ongoing health issues, providing quality healthcare has become an increasing priority. Low-code hospital management software technology allows hospitals and other healthcare providers to create complex, high functioning applications that can both improve healthcare and the overall patient experience.

Automating healthcare provision using low-code application development can help maintain an accurate record of patient data as well as detecting anomalies that can exponentially revolutionise the healthcare industry.

4) Time and attendance management applications

Tracking time and attendance within a business is essential for maintaining an optimum employee’s level and organizational productivity, functionality and profitability.

Time and attendance tracking tools and software can help you track your organization’s work hours more efficiently and productively. Low-code powered time and attendance management applications have made monitoring and maintaining employee time records much more accessible than ever before.

Crust is the perfect low-code platform for app-building

The low-code application development platform by Crust is a 100% open-source API-enabled solution. In addition, Corteza is equipped with a variety of graphic and visualisation development features that are the perfect tool to help your organization create various custom enterprise applications to automate your business processes. Try a demo so that you can take advantage of the many benefits of low-code application development software.

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