What is the difference between ERP and CRM software?

Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning are, naturally, related technologies. CRM is all about driving your business towards a customer-focused approach. ERP is much more about taking a financial and logistics oriented view over your organisation operates.

The two fields of CRM and ERP are not incompatible. The opposite is actually the case. More often than not they can complement one another. CRM is the largest software market in the world, so it really is an expert subject in its own right. The same goes for ERP, though it’s worth pointing out that many CRM and ERP specialist vendors dip their toes into one another’s core markets.

Planet Crust Delivers the Open-Source Low-Code Development Platform – the Salesforce Alternative

The financial backbone and design of an enterprise tends not to flex and change as often as the customer-facing aspects. The source of sales in CRM can evolve at pace depending on market conditions, success of campaigns, new mobile apps etc. Leads in CRM, quotes in CRM and many other aspects of the platform need to be easily customizable and capable of keeping with the context and the times.

Corteza is not just the leading Salesforce Alternative, designed to deliver a comparative feature set to the US Cloud. It’s also an open-source low-code development platform. While the functions of CRM Suite are broad, the Corteza open-source low-code development platform underpinning it are even broader.

This approach is new to the domain of open-source CRMs. They often impose difficult-to-reverse logic on your business, leading to complications. For instance, this makes it more difficult to integrate with backend financial and logistical ERP systems. However, with Corteza you’re in safe hands. Its non-prescriptive and the open-source low-code development platform dictates only the thinnest layer of logic possible. When it comes to building applications and assembling data models, you’re free to consider multiple scenarios to ensure the best outcome for both your customers and your ERP environment.

The field of CRM, in part, exists as a result of constraints traditionally imposed by ERP. For example, it speaks directly to sales and marketing requirements rather than to the accounting requirements of an organisation. With powerful data import and export tools, a BPMS tool that’s both flexible and easy to manipulate and simplicity of configuration, Corteza facilitates the needs and creativity of your commercial leaders while accommodating the rigour and accuracy demanded by your accounting and operations staff running their choice of ERP. Get started for free!

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