What is the Best Sales Tracking Software System?

Sales tracking software is defined as a tool that can help sales teams and representatives efficiently and accurately record, track and maintain organizational sales records and trends.

Sales tracking software is one of the most valuable tools for a business looking to increase its overall sales and revenue. For instance, these platforms can help your business determine which sales strategies and tactics are most beneficial and which need to be refined.

Furthermore, sales tracking software can help your business better understand and target buyer behaviour through predictive analysis and improve individual sales representative performance using detailed analytics.

Why do you need sales tracking software?

1) New Lead Tracking

Businesses who nurture leads produce 50% more sales at 33% less cost than their counterparts that don’t nurture their leads. Acquiring new leads should always be the top priority for any business aiming to increase its sales.

Sales tracking software allows you to source important data and information about each lead quickly and easily maintain detailed records about which step of the sales pipeline they position.

2) Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is defined as the use of predictive analysis to predict future sales analytics. It can help organizational decision-making, predict upcoming sales representative performance, and identify prospective leads.

Sales tracking software utilizes past and current sales data records to predict future sales performance. It is using data and information extracted from a variety of different compatible sources. This means that there is no need to alternate between multiple data source repositories.

3) Activity Reports

It is extremely important for your organization to track daily, weekly, and monthly sales progress to ensure that long-term organizational goals and objectives are being met.

Sales tracking software can track data such as client contact history, which communication channels each consumer used the most, and the number of client interactions within a given time period. This will help your businesses monitor activity and refine their sales strategies. This kind of software allows for complete visibility and transparency during each step of the sales process.

4) Conversion Rate

One of the best ways to maximize sales revenue is to boost the conversion rate of pre-existing leads. In fact, sales tracking software can automatically calculate and tally the conversion rates for each sales representative of your organization.

Users can analyze these metrics further. That means users can draw valuable insights on which sales strategies are working and which need to be further refined. Studies have shown that marketing and sales automation software can lead to a 451% increase in qualified leads.

The Ideal Sales Tracking Software

Planet Crust’s low-code, open-source CRM software is the perfect tool to help automate your business’s marketing and sales efforts. It is equipped with a variety of graphic and visualization tools. For this reason, this software can help you revitalize and refine your consumer and client relationships. Get a free trial to see how your business can take advantage of sales tracking software tools.

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