What Is The Best Marketing Automation Solution

Marketing automation is defined as the use of digital software solutions to automate various marketing strategies and tasks. Many aspects of an effective marketing campaign include time-consuming and highly repetitive organizational tasks such as social media posting, customer service communication, and much more.

Therefore marketing automation software can be used to automate these various business processes. 63% of companies using marketing automation outperform their competitors.

The Most Important Marketing Automation Features

1) Lead Generation and Management

One of the most crucial aspects of operating a successful business is generating, nurturing, and managing prospective and existing sales leads. According to Hubspot, 74% of companies say that converting prospective sales leads into paying customers is their top priority.

Mautic can allow businesses to utilize contact forms, focus items, and tracking scripts to generate leads, as well as segmentation features to segregate various marketing demographics.

Corteza is another platform that has this feature. Its lead segmentation tools can help businesses create relevant and accurate promotional content, which will help increase sales volume.

Both Corteza and Mautic can also help businesses create email campaigns and other tailored promotional content to nurture leads and move them forward through the sales process.


2) Landing Page Building

It can help businesses create and build web pages much easier than ever before. Page building will allow your business to create landing pages for promotional offers, marketing campaigns, and much more.

This can be done using visual editors such as drag-and-drop tools which make coding much easier for citizen developers and eliminates the need to type long lines of code. Corteza also shares this feature with Mautic and allows users to access detailed website data analytics about each of these individual landing pages.


3) Promotional Content Personalization

Customers are much more likely to consume and engage with marketing content that is tailored and customized according to them. Studies show that 91% of consumers are more likely to purchase from businesses that offer personalized content, offers, and recommendations that are relevant to their needs and preferences.

Therefore, businesses can customize and personalize almost all marketing collaterals such as landing pages, email communication, contact forms, and much more.

Personalization will not only further encourage consumers to consume and engage with your business’s promotional content but will also help segment audiences into different demographics which will help businesses refine future marketing campaigns in the long run.


Corteza – Equipped With All These Features and More

The open-source, low-code platform Corteza, created and maintained by Planet Crust, offers all of these valuable features and more. Corteza is a completely standardized and secure platform that shares many of the features that Mautic does, making it a highly viable alternative. Corteza is equipped with graphic visualization capabilities such as chart-making tools, visual editors including drag-and-drop builders, workflow automation, data-rich dashboards that can provide businesses with a 360-degree overview of all organizational data, and much more.

Get a free trial so that your business can take advantage of the various benefits of marketing automation software solutions.

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