What Is Test Case Management?

Test case management is defined as the sequence of processes of defining and designating how much software testing and quality assurance testing is required for a particular system.

This is an extremely valuable process and can enable software developers to further refine testing development using real-time analytics and insights. This will not only help significantly improve the efficiency of testing processes but also improve organizational productivity without compromising overall quality.

A test case management tool can help organizations manage, automate and streamline various aspects of the testing cycle, thus optimizing the testing and development procedure. Recent studies have shown that 45% of testers agreed that they rely on test management tools to undergo testing.

Benefits Of Test Case Management

1) Test Prioritization and Elimination

It is extremely important to try a wide variety of different combinations when testing new software or products. However, testing every single potential variation can be extremely time-consuming, tedious and can significantly deplete scarce budgetary resources.

Therefore, test case management tools can help your business evaluate and prioritize certain evaluations using specific parameters such as complexity and usage of organizational resources.

This will not only help your business save financial and human resources but will also significantly reduce the length of the testing processes by eliminating unnecessary testing trials.

2) Organizational Documentation and Compliance

Most organizations have extensive documentation and regulatory compliance processes in place during testing procedures. Furthermore, certain industries are heavily regulated and may require a large amount of paperwork and legal compliance.

However, manually keeping track of physical paperwork can be extremely time-consuming and can even lead to human errors that may substantially delay testing cycles. Therefore, test case management tools can help businesses efficiently manage documentation and compliance tasks by automatically collecting and analyzing accumulated trial data.

3) Reducing Data Duplication

When products have multiple different testing cycles, this can result in several different copies of replicated data. However, duplicated data can occupy a large amount of available data storage and can significantly reduce the quality of trial data. Furthermore, duplicated data can make it extremely difficult for trial managers, stakeholders, and management to analyze collected data.

Therefore, test case management tools can automatically scan trial data, identify duplicated data and automatically delete repeated data entries.

Planet Crust – The Perfect Tool For Your Test Case Management

Planet Crust’s open-source, low-code solutions are the perfect tool to help your business oversee general and detailed test case management. It can help your business prioritize testing, automatically oversee documentation and compliance processes, reduce the amount of duplicated data through testing cycles, and foster opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration and communication.

Planet Crust’s software is equipped with data-rich dashboards that can provide a 360-degree overview of testing processes. It has powerful data reporting tools, advanced graphic visualization features, visual workflow builders, and much more. Try a demo so that your business can take advantage of the various benefits of test case management using open-source, low-code technology.


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