What Is Test Case Management?

Test case management is defined as the sequence of processes of defining and designating how much software testing and quality assurance testing is required for a particular system.

This is an extremely valuable process and can enable software developers to further refine testing development using real-time analytics and insights. This will not only help significantly improve the efficiency of testing processes but also improve organizational productivity without compromising overall quality.

A test case management tool can help organizations manage, automate and streamline various aspects of the testing cycle, thus optimizing the testing and development procedure. Recent studies have shown that 45% of testers agreed that they rely on test management tools to undergo testing.

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What Tools Are In Case Management?

Case management is a collaborative process of collecting, monitoring, and analyzing data, services, and organizational resources related to a particular case. Case management software is defined as a digital platform that enables users to automatically compile and track case-related data and analyze information to make it significantly easier to manage cases.

Case management software has a wide variety of advantages that organizations can take advantage of such as reduced rates of human error, case data security, increased organizational productivity, centralized data storage, and much more.

Recent studies indicate that the global case management software industry is expected to reach a market value of approximately $7587.54 million by 2025, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (C.A.G.R.) of 12.2%.

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