1087. What is Smart City Management

What is Smart City Management?

Did you know that Frost and Sullivan predicted that the Smart Cities market would be worth $1.5 trillion by 2020? Global urbanization is around the corner, and it has drastically changed the face of many cities by transforming them into fully-equipped smart cities.

What does Smart City Management mean?

Smart City Management is the productive utilization of advanced projects and services through information and communication technologies (ICT) to provide various applications and strategies for better operation of the city. In every smart city, a new project is like a brick which assists in the development of the city and bestows it with useful services. The reference models and managerial practices together create an intelligent vision of the smart city’s future.

Utilities Achieved Through a Smart City Management System

1. Absolute Scalability, Modularity, and Compatibility

All governance operations can be carried out easily and quickly. The management systems can be efficiently applied to small local government bodies to large private sectors too as per the specific features and requirements.

2. Citizen Relationship Management

Technology gives an excellent opportunity to look after the policies, campaigns, and procedures for the citizens and delivers them a better experience. With e-government, the management can track, measure, and implement programs as per the smart city plan over multiple networks.

3. High Data Security

Every bit of data and information transmitted in the smart city environment is effectively authorized and secured. This ensures the complete safety of the resources and provides details on the possible defects or errors too.

4. Automated Information and Working Systems

All the operations tasks related to the citizen and government, integrated metropolis services, database systems, geographical information systems, etc. owing to the digital technology are automated with ease. This further ensures that the functioning of the smart city infrastructure is smooth, with no bottlenecks at all.

5. Public-Private Sector Integration

With the streamlined integration of public and private sectors, the services to be provided and the amendments to be made both are managed in a much better way. The initiative offers the maximum mobility to the working structure and improves the economy of the system too.

Smart City Management with Corteza

1087.6. smart city solution

A smart city management program can be implemented proactively only when it is backed with smart city solutions and advance technology excellence. Corteza is a 100% open-source low-code development platform, created and maintained by Planet Crust. Its powerful digital transformation and automation capabilities, can sustain smart cities on every single aspect right from finance and services to governance and citizens. Corteza can will assist in creating a management system that will deliver excellent 360-degree performance and upscale the scope of development too in smart cities.

So why keep waiting when you can turn your city into a smarter version with Corteza? Get started for free!

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