What is Case Management?

Wikipedia defines Case Management as “…the co-ordination of services on behalf of an individual person who may be considered a case in different settings such as health care, nursing, rehabilitation, social work, disability insurance, employment and law.

A great case management solution give your organisation the tools to evolve and include these different settings. This should irrespective of your current context and IT posture.

The Crust Service Solution Offers Maximum Flexibility and Integration Possibilities

Case management is first and foremost about having a customer-focused approach. That’s enabled by delivering a three hundred and sixty degree view of the customer. Being the leading open-source Salesforce alternative and free CRM on the market gives Crust an advantage.

However, Crust is more than that, being the open-source Low-Code Development platform. This means that Crust should be your organisation’s go-to service solution for case management. Constructing a complete picture of customers is not easy on most platforms. Crust’s intuitive build logic makes it an exception to this rule.

While evaluating, consider that Crust has:

  • A complete REST API for third party system integration
  • Rich importing tools for legacy system data
  • Extensible and re-usable data models
  • A BPMS tool available to every field and component on the platform
  • The ability to deliver entirely different UI’s and apps based on identical data models
  • Market-leading ease-of-configuration
  • Multi-device availability and default responsive design (for any app you build)

Excellent low-code documentation also really helps when it comes to creating the ultimate case management system. Whether your building HR case management software, and alternative to Alfresco case management or Jira from Atlassian, having access to the right guides is key.

For complex systems, low-code prototyping can really help. Once again, Crust is a leader, delivering your proof of concept designs quickly and simply. It also gives the opportunity to play around with ideas and even edit them on-the-fly with your colleagues, business partners or even your customers if they’re willing.

Of course, it’s always worth checking out the competition too. Vendors such as Salesforce, Oro tools, SugarCRM and Freshsales all seek address the field case management. However, we feel sure you’ll always come back to Crust at the end of the day. That’s because the quality, flexibility and value-for-money are second to none.

Try Out Crust

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