What is an Employee Onboarding System?

Employee onboarding is the process of introducing new employees to the culture of the workplace. It involves a comprehensive induction routine through which the new employees are made familiar with their duties, colleagues, company hierarchy and common workplace practices.

Employee onboarding is an extremely integral part of ensuring employee productivity and retention. Glassdoor finds that companies with an efficient onboarding process improve their hire retention rates by 82% and employee productivity by about 70%.

Managers and HR personnel use an employee onboarding system to execute the systemic formalities involved in employee onboarding. This includes releasing the offer letters, onboarding paperwork and ID documentation. An employee onboarding system minimises human error and makes the process hassle-free and efficient.

Three Best Benefits of Employee Onboarding

While at first, it may look like an unnecessary expense, using an employee onboarding system reaps several benefits in the long run. From increasing productivity to directly affecting the company’s revenue, an onboarding system can easily extract its cost with a few months of usage.

1. Better Employee Experience

Talented people only rarely have a shortage of job offers. If they feel out of place at your organisation, they might move on to another job sooner than they otherwise would. But with a proper onboarding process, companies have been known to reduce new hire retention by 82%. An onboarding process can help new hires connect with the organisation’s core values readily and give them a sense of shared ownership of the company’s goals.

2. Higher Employee Engagement

An employee onboarding process can help new hires jump straight into action by teaching them the basic know-how of the business before the actual work starts.

This increases employee engagement that in turn increases the overall productivity of the office. Research shows that businesses with a high level of employee engagement are 21% more profitable than those with low levels of employee engagement.

3. Better Talent

Employer branding is an extremely important activity for companies. To ensure that you get the most skilled and capable applicants for your job openings, you first have to ascertain that your company’s image as an employer is upstanding and blemish-less.

Recommendations from current and old employees go a long way in determining the work experience with a company. An employee onboarding process can establish your company’s work culture to be fair, exciting and enriching.

If the new employees feel satisfied with the process, they will recommend your company to the people in their network. Capable people from their networks would then want to work with you. In a nutshell, the more satisfied your employees are, the better the workforce you will attract.

Corteza Can Make You the Smartest Employer

Corteza offers an excellent low-code and no-code platform. With its unique app-building features, you can create an employee onboarding system that precisely fits your company’s onboarding requirements.

Corteza lets you focus on the inter-personal employee-employer relationship by taking care of all the onboarding formalities. Try a demo of the exceptional digital platform to make your employee onboarding process as efficient and seamless as it can be.

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