What Is a Team Tracker?

As our current business landscape and organizational structures continue to become increasingly complex, many businesses are beginning to utilize team tracking software solutions to keep track of employee data and information. A team tracker can help businesses track a wide variety of employee information, including daily duties, employee schedules, staff attendance, and much more.

Features of Team Tracking Software

1) Organizational Insight

Team tracking software can help your business keep track of the whereabouts of employees at all times. Businesses with extensive organizational structures and departments may find it difficult to effectively keep track of the whereabouts of employees, which can further significantly affect efficiency, productivity, and task allocation.

However, team tracking software can help your business keep track of all employees within your company which can not only help ensure that business processes are performed more effectively but can also determine if organizational human resources are being productively utilized.

2) Employee Holiday Tracking

One of the most crucial aspects of keeping track of human resource availability is monitoring which employees may be on leave or holiday. Manually keeping track of employee availability through emails or spreadsheets can be time-consuming and can lead to errors.

However, team tracking software can help your business keep track of which employees are on holiday, the length of their absence, how many holidays they have taken within a specific period of time, and much more.

Your business can leverage the power of employee absence tracking to make sure that other departments work around current human resource availability so that overall organizational employee productivity is not hindered by a lack of employee availability.

3) Office Space Management

Businesses with limited office spacing may find it difficult to coordinate and allocate working areas to employees. However, team tracking software can help your business monitor and optimize available office spacing so that employees know where they will be seated.

Team tracking software can help your business monitor the availability of desk space in certain office areas, the number of employees in said areas, and which areas may be underutilized.

Studies indicate that innovative companies are five times more likely to have workplaces that prioritize individual and group working spaces.

4) Calendar and Work Planner

Businesses with multiple ongoing projects may find it challenging to coordinate financial and human resources effectively and accurately which may cause unnecessary project delays and losses in the long run. Therefore, team tracking software can help your businesses simultaneously track key information of ongoing projects and monitor deadlines.

Crust – Build Your Own Team Tracking Software

Crust’s low-code solution is the perfect tool to help your business build its team tracker. Crust’s software solutions are equipped with data-rich dashboards that can provide businesses with a 360-degree overview of employee data and information, graphic visualization features such as chart-making tools, visual editors such as drag-and-drop builders, and much more.

Try a demo so that your business can take advantage of the various benefits of a team tracker platform.


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