What are the Steps to Digital Transformation?

The irony of the uncertainty posed by the pandemic is such that, today’s business decisions determine tomorrow’s fate. Digital business transformation is evidently imperative, owing to the changing horizon of the technology-business relationship. Most businesses readily acknowledge the importance of digital transformation, but many of them are still caught up in the arena of late adoption. The cacophony of outdated processes and legacy IT systems seems too loud for them to switch the scale to high-end digital sovereignty.

At Planet Crust, we observed this trend and hence brought up this step-by-step process that can help you jump-start a digital transformation strategy right away:

Steps to Digital Transformation in Business

The basic underlying idea behind a digital transformation is to ensure that customer journeys become more efficient and customer experience enhances. This takes the entire business ecosystem into consideration and therefore, digital transformation elevates your entire organization.

1. Build your digital transformation roadmap:

Before you actually set your foot into the process, a digital transformation roadmap is paramount. The prerequisites to this include a thorough understanding of your business entities and digital capabilities and a detailed outline of your current digital goals. With the digital vision in mind, you can start off by selecting a targeted area of your business landscape and instilling technological solutions into it.

2. Start small, digitize, launch, and improve:

BCG suggests your first step into digital transformation should help you secure quick wins. This means to pick certain customer journeys, digitize them through existing or new products, and gain customer feedback for improvement. All of this can be quick and inexpensive for you. Especially with the CRM Suite, built on Corteza open-source, low-code platform, you can enjoy seamless digital integration within your customer relationship management teams and improve your customer experience by leaps and bounds.

3. Ascend on the digital ladder:

Once you have successfully launched one product or service and gained feedback on the same, you get to understand the foundational factors that affect your digital transformation strategies. After that, you can identify the digital services that you need to outsource or the new services you need to develop and deploy. With the Corteza open-source low-code development platform, you can easily traverse through the analog-to-digital phase without any major investment. You can create powerful automation processes and replace your manual, inefficient tasks.

4. Adapt and evolve with changing business environments:

In the long term, digital business transformation is here to upscale and sustain your business against all odds. Every digital business service you adopt should be able to continuously propagate and automatically upgrade itself as the technology demands. This is why Planet Crust offers flexible and easily configurable solutions for your digital transformation journey. If yours is a thriving organization, Planet Crust’s solutions for SMBs can be monumental for accelerating your growth and productivity.

Choose to Grow: Kickstart Digital Transformation Today

Digital transformation examples all around us have shown tremendous progress in all aspects concerned. Digital maturity does not have to be hard to achieve. At Planet Crust. we can help you define the next big digital step that can gain you a competitive advantage. Ready for the insane growth coming your way, are you? Get started for free with Corteza.

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