What are the Software Trends Going to be in 2021?

The innovation in the IT sector and the changing format of taking up business challenges to the next level has led to a paradigm shift. As we all are aware that in the pre and post-2020 era (the era of COVID-19), all businesses have formally switched to online mode for their survival. The digital healthcare industry, the education sector, the banking sector et al. are soaring to great heights following the creation of their websites, choosing e-commerce platforms over conventional means, working on cloud storage system software, making use of the CRMs, i.e. Customer Relationship Management software, development of low-code application development platforms.

Business Digital Transformation in 2021

Considering the ongoing crisis, it is predicted that remote work would rise by 300% in 2021. Thus, it has become the quintessential need for businesses to go digital. To make their presence count in the local as well as the global market and to survive the cut-throat competition, many businesses have abided by digital transformation and have started to build software online.

Current Software Trends and Future Forecast

The digital transformation adapted by the businesses, be it small scale, medium-sized or large scale, requires consistency in the development of certain software and applications so that the otherwise costs are reduced. Therefore, you can anticipate that by 2021 there shall be notable growth in the field of application development.

Through the customer management system, a company can keep track of the contact details of their current and future customers and can even get an insight into their routine activities, searches, website visits, phone records, and others. HRMS, i.e. Human Resource Management Software is another portal created by the majority of companies these days to manage the respective HR functions so that they can improve on their productivity.

Gartner suggests that more than 65% of application development would involve low-code by 2024

While focusing on the current trend of establishing and creating something that is faster, unbeatable, and involves persistent growth of a business organization, low-code application development platforms are certain to gain popularity. In fact, a Gartner report suggests that more than 65% of application development would involve low-code by 2024. Rapid application development involves creating a more convenient environment without the usage of programming expertise. Low-code platforms are easy to use and comprehend; they can be integrated for different business operations and functions like for a simplified version of any task. Where there is strict adherence to meet deadlines and client feedback is paramount, the low-code platform provides the best solution. With just a few clicks and drag-drop options without the complexities of coding, a non-coder can turn heads with a simple-to-use application.

Stay on top of Trends with Crust

It takes a lot for enterprises to forego their old procedures and cultures and adopt new skills and to stand down to the expectations of the digital world. The Crust low-code platform can be a game-changer for your business. It’s time to welcome the change and stay updated with the need of the hour. Get your online demo today!

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