What are the Most Important Sales Tracking Software Features?

The Low-Code Development market set to grow exponentially in the coming years. It might be tempting to think that any platform will enable you to build great sales tracking software, or more commonly known as a CRM. However, the arrival of Amazon Honeycode on the market proves, once again, that this is not the case.

Crust CRM Suite shows what can be done with a complete Low-Code Development platform. A customer relationship management system is complex to develop. For instance, even professional-grade, free CRM’s require expertise. To deliver advanced CRM tools requires a complete understanding of concepts such as:

  • Leads in CRM
  • Opportunities in CRM
  • Quotes in CRM
  • Case Management in CRM
  • Reporting in CRM
  • What is a BPMS in the context of CRM
  • And much more!

The Most Important Sales Tracking Software Features

Consulting your sales team and sales management about the user experience and feature set they want to see is crucial. The benefits of a well-designed CRM system can be considerable. For example, it can augment the key skills of a salesperson and can help with the maintenance of relationships with clients.

Crust Low-Code is a feature-comparative alternative to “Lightning”, the popular Low-Code Development platform which underpins Salesforce CRM. Crust’s “No-Code Low-Code” approach to rapid application development takes into account some important realities.

Firstly, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all CRM Suite. This means that the CRM should be flexible, extensible and not require expensive consulting to customize. Secondly, a business expects to be able to build smart apps efficiently to accompany and support its CRM Suite. Thirdly, salespeople need a pleasing user experience, with engaging charts and dashboards. And finally, business integration is critical.

To summarize, the most important Sales Tracking Software features are:

  • Fully featured
  • Easy to customise
  • Excellent UI
  • Rich charts and dashboards
  • Easy to integrate with other solutions in your business

Additionally, you need to have full control over your own data. Crust is free, open-source and self-hostable. This means you don’t have vendor lock-in issues and you control all your own sensitive business information.

What other features are important?

Every business is different, so it depends. Thinking broadly helps. For instance, what tools are in your salespeople’s immediate ecosystem? Would open-source chat help? Would having access to an online business creator help? What about email, document management etc? Might they even need integration with something such as Jira from Atlassian for issue tracking and resolution?

Implementing a project to deliver sales tracking software on a Low-Code Development Platform should be planned and based on thorough consideration of requirements. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, advanced and free offering, then look no further than Crust, the open-source Low-Code Development platform.

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