What are entitlements?

From law firms to banks to schools, every organisation is supported by clients, and their satisfaction should be of paramount importance for the managers. According to Microsoft, 56% of the customers have stopped doing business with a company because they had a poor customer service experience.

However, not every query or complaint is a valid one and scouring to meet unreasonable needs can lead to massive wastage of company resources. This is why more and more companies are adopting entitlement processes in customer relationship management regimes.

Entitlements are means of customer support that are carried through by communication channels like phone or email support. They are set up to help the agents decide if a client is eligible for customer support. Crust’s Service Solution allows you to create custom entitlements which provide your agents with a clear overview of active entitlements.

Functions of using entitlements

1. Prioritisation

Customers expect the best service from a company to meet their ever-expanding needs. Prioritising between tasks and fixing timelines for cases helps you treat every customer the same without personal biases. With the right tools, you can systemise your customer support process and increase client satisfaction.

Crust’s Service Solution has the entitlements feature in-built in. You can define entitlement templates, that automatically pre-fills certain repetitive data in the sections. This saves your agents the hassle of creating hundreds of entitlements manually.

2. Channel Selection

Selecting a communication channel that fits both the customer’s preferences and caters to company resources can be daunting for an agent. According to Ameyo, 57% of customers prefer to contact companies through digital platforms rather than voice-based support. Whereas for complicated interactions like payment queries, 40% of the customers demand real-time telephonic interaction.

Entitlements fix a channel of communication for customer support, such as phone or email. This helps the agents carry out customer support smoothly without having to negotiate on the mode of communication.

3. Assigns a fixed time to a case

Time is of value in every organisation, and especially for customer support agents. All successful organizations have a long list of clients that seek grievance redressal in one form or another. So, it becomes essential that every qualifying query gets a significant amount of time.

Entitlements in Crust are related to a fixed amount of time defined by the start and end date. It helps the agents make sure that every customer support session has well-defined time limits.

Crust’s entitlement features and its relevance to your business

Crust makes managing entitlements easy. In the pre-built Service Solution app you can access ‘Entitlements’ under the ‘Accounts’ menu item in the main navigation bar. You can then define all entitlements you business needs. So, try out the demo and check out how Service Solution might be the perfect case management tool for your business.

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