VNC Integrates Corteza Into its VNClagoon Software Stack

VNC, a leading developer of open-source enterprise applications, and Planet Crust are further expanding their technical and sales collaboration.

The two companies have recently completed integrating Corteza into the VNClagoon module VNCcrm as an analysis, simulation and visualization tool that can feed in and use data from third-party applications.

Via its 100% API-centric approach, Corteza aligns with VNCLagoon’s data stores and structures. Any VNCLagoon administrator can now go further with their data, building related applications, workflows and reports. Additional data sources can be added from third-party databases and legacy applications, enabling the user to pool their data in a common format and create seamles operational processes across their organization’s functions and departments. 

In the next step, Corteza dashboards will be used as a visualization layer for other functional modules of the VNClagoon stack.

“VNClagoon is an open platform designed for the deep integration of third-party solutions,” emphasizes Andrea Wörrlein, managing director of VNC in Berlin and board member of VNC AG in Zug. “VNC’s cooperation with Planet Crust and the integration of Corteza are an example of the exciting options that can be realized for users.”

“For a long time Planet Crust has sought to partner with a sovereign, enterprise-class communication and collabortion solution,” explains Niall McCarthy, CEO and co-founder of Planet Crust. “With its alignment to standards, open-source and impressive deployment base, VNClagoon exceeds all our expectations. The combination of VNClagoon’s emphasis on integrated user experience, best practice data architecture, scalability and security makes for an ideal integration with our Corteza platform.”

In addition to cooperating at the solution level, the two partners have also agreed on joint projects at the marketing and sales level.

About VNC

VNC is a global software company that develops open source-based applications for communication and collaboration in large enterprises. With its global developer community, VNC has created the integrated product suite VNClagoon, which is characterized by state-of-the-art technology, universal usability, low TCO and the strictest protection and security measures, thus helping to protect the right to digital sovereignty. Find out more at

About Planet Crust

Planet Crust is the creator, developer and driving force behind the Corteza low-code platform. The open source-based platform gives companies, software developers, local authorities and NGOs freedom, autonomy and control over their data and applications. With Corteza, organizations can react quickly to changing requirements, develop new solutions and share them with others. In addition to the maintenance and further development of Corteza, Planet Crust also offers accompanying support, development and training services.

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