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How to Build a Comprehensive Healthcare App Using a No-Code AI App-Builder

Artificial intelligence and no-code offer transformative potential to develop a comprehensive healthcare app. Learn how to use a no-code AI app-builder for healthcare to create an app for electronic health record management, patient demographics, prescriptions, appointment scheduling, and additional functionalities, with detailed steps for building the app and a sample data model provided. How to […]

VNC Integrates Corteza Into its VNClagoon Software Stack

VNC, a leading developer of open-source enterprise applications, and Planet Crust are further expanding their technical and sales collaboration. The two companies have recently completed integrating Corteza into the VNClagoon module VNCcrm as an analysis, simulation and visualization tool that can feed in and use data from third-party applications. Via its 100% API-centric approach, Corteza […]

Planet Crust Releases Corteza 2023.9: Introducing the new Corteza Studio plus other UI and DAL Improvements

Planet Crust, the driving force behind Corteza, is excited to announce the release of Corteza 2023.9 Changes include the new Corteza Studio, DAL Schema Alterations, UI improvements and more. Corteza Studio Corteza Studio is a new addition to Corteza that lets you style your Corteza user interface and all of your applications any way you […]

Planet Crust releases Corteza 2023.3: Lots of front-end and UX changes make Corteza more flexible than ever.

Planet Crust, the driving force behind Corteza, is excited to announce the release of Corteza 2023.3 Changes include: Multiple Page Layouts, Conditional Fields, Drill-Down Charts, Block Magnification, Tabs and Navigation Buttons, Support for SQLServer and more. Multiple Page Layouts Create different page layouts that show different elements to different users depending on conditions, contexts, roles, […]

Why using a low-code CRM is a game changer for nonprofit organizations

A low-code CRM platform allows for rapid digitization and innovation and greater cost savings for nonprofits and NGOs. It is a common misconception that customer relationship management (CRM) software is only of use in a business environment, which relies heavily on the connections it maintains with its customers. Of course, nonprofits and NGOs don’t work […]

What is vendor lock-in, and what does it mean for low-code software development?

Many low-code platforms are closed-source ecosystems tied to specific vendors, which means vendor lock-in is a common concern – but there are exceptions. If you purchased music over the Apple iTunes store prior to March 2009, you could only play it in the iTunes media player software. Everything in your music library was locked into […]

How low code is reducing costs and empowering innovation in healthcare

Healthcare providers must deliver modern, digital services, but many are held back outdated legacy systems. Here’s how low code can help close the gap. Electronic health records (EHR) and the exchange of digital information underpin the delivery and management of any modern health service. Yet despite recent advancements, especially in the wake of the coronavirus […]

How low code can help financial institutions deliver modern digital services

Established financial institutions face rising competition from digital-only alternatives, making clear the case for using low code to enable rapid innovation. The steps involved in almost any type of financial transaction are largely the same across the board. This makes the routine ways we interact with financial institutions prime candidates for app-based account management and […]

Data privacy and regulatory compliance in low-code platforms

Concerns around data privacy and regulatory compliance shouldn’t derail the adoption of low-code platforms. Here’s how to ensure low code doesn’t equal high risk. The adoption of no-code and low-code technologies is soaring. Gartner predicts that by 2025 70% of new enterprise applications will be created in low-code development environments, up from just 25% in […]