The Ultimate Salesforce Alternative

How Many CRM Companies Are There?

A lot! Once you start looking for the best solution for your business, you will find on the market many CRM solutions and their alternatives. Picking the best can be tough. And It’s usually not just about market share, getting CRM for free or even open-source CRMs. Even if these are criteria to be considered for your company CRM, there are many other factors too. For example, are you looking for:

  • A means to deploy your Digital Transformation Strategy
  • CRM for Marketing and Customer Tracking Software
  • Free CRM for Non-Profits
  • CRM for Insurance Agents
  • Salesman Tracking Software
  • CRM for Email
  • Call Center CRM
  • CRM for Education and Smart Schooling Solutions
  • Wholesale CRM
  • CRM in Manufacturing Contexts
  • Loan Management Software
  • Citizen Development Software
  • Free Case Management Software

CRM is not only the largest software market in the world. It’s also one of the richest in terms of choice. Even addressing the question “What is a BPMS?” almost inevitably brings up the realm of CRM and related software. BPM Engines are present in many CRM’s, because it’s the best way to implement complex business logic.

Planet Crust’s CRM Suite Built on Corteza Is The Ultimate Free Salesforce Alternative

Taking on Salesforce directly is no small task. It involved Planet Crust building its CRM on the Corteza open-source Low-Code Development platform with a comparative (we would say superior!) feature set to that of Lightning, the environment underpinning the cloud vendor. It also involved stepping away from the open-source legacy of SugarCRM and its multitude of PHP forks.

Planet Crust’s CRM Suite is written in Golang

Planet Crust’s CRM Suite has established itself as the premium Golang CRM. It uses the multi-threaded processing langauge to power its backend and to deliver a modern, “customer-scale” application. Data models in Planet Crust’s CRM Suite are flexible, scalable and easy to build to your requirements.

Planet Crust’s CRM Suite is easy to customise

Frontends in Planet Crust’s CRM Suite are naturally intuitive and easy to design. It’s much more easier than Salesforce, because in Corteza low-code platform you can configure any block on any page. For instance, re-sizing the data blocks on a record page is just drop and drop. This allows your organisation to create the user experience required to ensure a customer-focused approach.

Planet Crust’s CRM Suite offers rich

Dashboards and advanced CRM charts are both rich in detail and in presentation. As a result you can make great visual comparisons from your data. In addition, you can re-use key charts as often as you wish thoughout the interface. Corteza is an open-source app builder par excellence. For example, it doesn’t limit you to clunky, pre-defined logic so often associated with free CRMs. So, almost anything in Salesforce CRM can be replicated in Planet Crust’s CRM Suite. Besides, we can do many things they cannot.

Corteza includes the open-source workflow engine Corredor

As open-source workflow engine, Corteza depends on Corredor, the open automation engine. Scripting is in Javascript, not in the proprietary APEX language. Therefore, it’s easy to get hold of expertise to make changes when your organisation needs them. Additionally, as a BPMS tool, Corredor excels. This is because it works seamlessly with the Corteza Rest API and ensures that vital processes in your business operate efficiently and effectively.

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