It’s time to turn the page on open source forks of SugarCRM

It is a testament to SugarCRM that it spawned so many open source forks, before deciding to take itself down an exclusively closed-source, proprietary route. There seem to be dozens of them out there, each claiming to be unique while all working from the same core community edition engine, abandoned by Sugar CRM all those years ago.

How does CRM software help large companies today?

The world’s economy is changing rapidly. Requirements for agility, scalability and flexibility are growing as the customer relationship with the web becomes more involved, intense and demanding. Crust is the leading open source Salesforce alternative, a CRM suite built for the modern world.

By far the best open source CRM around (not just our opinion!), Crust uses multi-threaded “Go” to at the heart of its platform, a language developed by Google to power its giant application infrastructure. It’s frontend is in Vue.js, a high-performance JavaScript framework. From the outset, Crust was designed to be “Customer Scale” – capable not just of handing large numbers of customer records, but of being a platform where customer identities and activities exist in real time.

Crust CRM

A comprehensive low code platform is essential

Being underpinned by a comprehensive low code platform is essential to address the needs of large companies. Monolithic, sprawling and inflexible code bases such as those of SugarCRM forks can no longer deliver a CRM suite to satisfy enterprise requirements. Thanks to the web, customer experience must be addressed on a multitude of fronts. Crust delivers a “hydra” architecture where rich data models can be delivered for every individual use case the enterprise requires, while simultaneously tying them together with seamless automation and 100% data portability between the models.

What makes a CRM suite a modern CRM suite?

Will modern software even want to talk to your CRM suite? Can your CRM suite handle applications of IoT without falling over? Can your CRM suite deliver rapid application development or is it stuck in the dark ages of expensive customization for even the smallest of tasks? Sales in CRM is one thing, but can your platform deliver the multi-channel, client management system open source users in large enterprises demand? Can your CRM handle the types of digital transformation strategy and backend flexibility now necessary to ensure corporate growth? Crust and Corteza have been designed with these in mind from day one.

The best free CRM should be a modern, open source CRM software. Crust leads the way, being a feature-rich, 100% open source, scalable, flexible and low code platform. Every industry evolves from the old to the new and the momentum is now with Crust and Corteza.

Crust on different devices

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