In What Ways Is Telemedicine Changing The Business Of Healthcare?

Telemedicine is defined as providing and distributing healthcare services, resources, and information through telecommunication. Telemedicine has many benefits for healthcare provision firms, such as reduced financial expenditure, improved access to healthcare resources, more convenience, and better patient experiences. Studies show that 78% of respondents that received telehealth services were satisfied with their experience.

Therefore, as the complexity and access to digital technology continue to evolve exponentially, telemedicine is increasingly changing the business of healthcare.

How Telemedicine Is Revolutionizing Healthcare

1) Faster Diagnosis

The faster your healthcare providers can diagnose a patient, the quicker they receive treatment. However, human healthcare providers may not always recognize and identify critical symptoms fast enough to ensure a patient’s survival.

However, with telemedicine, healthcare organizations can enable patients to share symptoms in advance, hence ensuring the best chance of survival. This will not only help your organization’s healthcare providers to provide medical services more efficiently but will also significantly improve patient experiences.  Studies have shown that telemedicine saves patients over 100 minutes compared to the necessary time for an in-person physical appointment.

2) Remote Rehabilitation

One of the most critical aspects of providing medical and healthcare services is ensuring that patients have adequate access and opportunities for post-treatment rehabilitation. However, patients may find it challenging to be physically present at your healthcare organization regularly. Furthermore, it may be extremely overwhelming for your organization to handle a sudden influx of patients accessing post-care. Therefore, telemedicine can help facilitate opportunities for remote rehabilitation in terms of group therapy sessions and supervised the online physical restoration.

This not only ensures that patients receive the best post-care possible but can also significantly reduce the burden on your organization’s financial and human resources.

3) Patient Self Management

Telemedicine services can enable patients to self-manage certain diseases from the comfort of their own homes. Patients can leverage the power of telecommunication to describe symptoms to their healthcare providers using online platforms remotely.

Furthermore, healthcare providers can make routine calls to remind and encourage patients to refill their drug prescriptions, schedule future appointments, and monitor symptoms. Research indicates that 47% of patients said that online scheduling capabilities would enable them to book a telemedicine appointment in the future.

Planet Crust- Every Healthcare Provider’s Best Telemedicine Assistant

Planet Crust’s open-source, low-code solutions are the perfect tool to help every healthcare organization leverage the power of telemedicine. Telemedicine can help diagnose illnesses faster than ever before, allow patients to undergo rehabilitation from the comfort of their own homes, enable patients to self-manage their illnesses and provide healthcare services through online communication platforms.

Planet Crust’s CRM software is equipped with data-rich dashboards, powerful end-to-end automation engines, and advanced workflow builders that can make healthcare provision easier than ever before. Try a demo so that your healthcare business can take advantage of the various benefits of telemedicine.

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  1. jeff cabine
    jeff cabine says:

    I found it interesting when you said patients can self-manage some ailments using telemedicine services from the comfort of their own homes. I used to think differently and now it makes more sense it would be best to heal where we are comfortable on our own and also to practice self-manage. What you said about virtual health care was really interesting to me.


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