How To Make My Company’s Departments Collaborate Better?

One of the most important aspects of any successful organization is fostering open cross-departmental collaboration. Organizational collaboration can help facilitate better decision-making processes, open new communication channels, improve job satisfaction, increase employee retention rates, increase efficiency and productivity.

Studies have shown that extremely well-connected organizational teams demonstrate a 21% increase in profitability. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations to understand how they can increase overall cross-departmental collaboration and help individual departments collaborate more efficiently.

How To Increase Cross-Departmental Collaboration

1) Opportunities For Open Communication

One of the most effective ways of increasing overall organizational collaboration is providing employees with easily accessible opportunities and outlets for open communication with management as well as other employees.

Open communication can help employees understand their individual role within your organization, the relevance and importance of various departments, long-term goals and objectives that they should work towards, and the timeframe that they are expected to be achieved in.

Therefore, as the amount of data and information that businesses are expected to keep track of increases constantly, it is important to ensure that all employees and departments within your enterprise have access to the most up-to-date information possible.


2) Continuous Employee Feedback

42% of highly engaged employees received performance feedback at least once a week. Open reciprocal feedback can help motivate employees to perform their day-to-day tasks more productively, encourage them to improve their efficiency and facilitate active listening.

By creating an organizational culture of honesty and constructive criticism at regular time intervals, the various departments within your organization will be able to collaborate much more effectively. Furthermore, consistent feedback can help empower employees and departments to increase collaboration amongst each other and hence increase productivity.


3) Transparency


Practising transparency from top management can help employees be more open to communicating with each other as well as with supervisors. Therefore, it is important to share short-term and long term-organizational goals, successes, failures, performance updates and additional information with employees.

Transparency can help increase employee trust and satisfaction, increase innovation through employee suggestions, create more realistic goals and enable different departments to work with each other more easily. Furthermore, transparency and trust can help individual employees learn to depend on each other.


Planet Crust – The Employee Management Platform You Need To Ensure Collaboration:

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