How To Educate Children to Code?

Coding is one of the most relevant and in-demand skills in this digital age. While machines and applications are constantly evolving, it is becoming crucial for us to understand the codes that make them work.

Children are incredibly creative and learn things very quickly. Hence, the best time to start learning to code is when we are young. But directly delving into complex computer languages can be intimidating. It is thus best to start learning with low-code platforms.

A low-code platform allows app development through the use of a graphical user interface rather than traditional hand-coding. Low-code can be an excellent stepping stone for children who want to learn the coding and app development basics.

Why Should You Teach Low-Code to Children

1. Low-Code Makes Coding Fun

Low-code platforms are mostly visual builders and require minimal coding knowledge. This means that children can build the apps they want without feeling restricted or constrained by their current lack of knowledge.

Through low-code, the kids can learn how to transform work processes into digital products. Corteza low-code has drag-and-drop builders and pre-built modules that make it extremely easy for kids to visualize and build the app they want.

2. It Boosts Confidence and Generates Interest

With visual programming, children can make a fully functional app in a matter of hours. This not only helps boost their confidence but can also pique their curiosity concerning app development. Working with low-code can help kids realize how exciting it is to build an app from scratch.

3. It Gives Instant Results

Children like to see instant results from their actions. Otherwise, it is very easy for them to lose interest. And while traditional coding requires time and effort, low-code development is easy and gives instant results. With low-code, you can build and preview an app within minutes. You can also publish it and access it online.

4. They Can Build Games

If there is one thing that all children universally adore, it’s computer games. With a bit of low-code training, kids can make their own games and share them with friends. You can generate excitement about low-code among children just by telling them that they will very soon be able to build their own games with low-code.

Corteza Low-Code: Make Learning Exciting

Crust’s open-source low-code solution – Corteza is an excellent app-building platform that uses drag-and-drop visual builders to enable users to build the apps they like. It comes with several pre-built modules that make app development easy and fun. The platform is easy enough for children to understand and use. Try a demo of the open-source low-code platform to see how easy to use it is.

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