How much does Digital Transformation cost?

Digital transformation examples can be wide and varied. Naturally, digital transformation in banking is a different use case to digital transformation in healthcare. The choice of a digital transformation strategy also counts. For example, a project executed over a long period may be easier to change manage, but more expensive in direct financial terms. However, an all-in-one and shorter project might be less costly in dollars but may disrupt your business activities.

Corteza, the open-source Low-Code Development platform, enables high-quality, safe digital transformation – without the high cost.

Where your organisation finds itself at this point in time concerning systems deployed and in operation is a crucial component to consider. This is the starting point and is usually also a key motivator driving a digital transformation company policy.

What is your organisation trying to address? Do older and out-of-date systems need replacing? Do you have modern information systems, but they are not all joined-up in a co-ordinated and efficient manner? Or are you concerned that your business does not have a sufficiently customer-focused approach? Not everyone needs a McKinsey digital transformation, after all.

What is the best starting point for digital transformation?

The company CRM is often a starting point for a digital transformation strategy. That’s because the need to react to ever-evolving customer profiles and customer experiences tends not to fit in with older, less flexible technologies. Corteza CRM Suite, the leading open-source Salesforce alternative, is built entirely on the Corteza open-source low-code platform.

A good portfolio of data import tools is essential. Very often, getting data out of older systems can be complicated. Newer systems tend to be a little friendlier, supplying you with well-documented APIs, for example. However, older systems are usually not as convenient. Corteza comes with a modern Rest API and native JSON and CSV/excel import tools. Additionally, it also comes with some great features for importing from legacy systems and mapping data to your platform.

Checking your knowledge is essential. Are you even familiar with the lingo and its implications? For instance, what is a BPMS tool? Or, what is the meaning of CRM for your business? Or what is case management?

Getting everything you need to fulfill your digital transformation in one platform is difficult. However, the open-source low-code development platform Corteza, developed and maintained by Planet Crust, is so flexible, extensible, and standards-based that you can treat it as your initiative’s beating heart, to the point of reference for all other technology in your ecosystem. Corteza is built using the same language Google uses to develop and manage its hyper-scalable application infrastructure. And you can deploy it on any cloud of your choosing. Get started for free.

No-one should pretend to themselves that Digital Transformation will be cheap. However, a business can concentrate on the return on investment. And at the same time, it can keep a close eye on the total-cost-of-ownership of the technology on which their business will run for many years.

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