How Important is Web Accessibility?

Do you know what the idea behind the development of the internet was?

To provide everyone with quick access to data and programs from any location! And this includes people with disabilities (PWDs) as well. Studies reveal that one out of every seven people having disabilities often finds it difficult to surf over the internet or get access to certain web-based apps. This is where web accessibility plays a crucial role in providing equal access to all the resources available over the web.

How? Let’s dive into the world of accessible apps and find out.

What is Web Accessibility?

Web Accessibility is an inclusive activity that ensures there are no barriers for disabled people in accessing content, resources or apps over the web. There are a plethora of technology tools both in the form of hardware and software, which make it easier for people with disabilities to navigate over the website and interact thoroughly.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG Standards is systematically arranged in 3 different accessibility standards:

  • Level A: The most basic Web Accessibility features
  • Level AA: The most common barriers for people with disabilities
  • Level AAA: The highest level of accessibility

We should aim towards level AAA to provide everyone with the best experience. This includes open-source CRM solutions, custom browser-based Low-Code apps or easy-to-use website monitoring tools.

Why is Web Accessibility so Important?

1. Integration of people with disabilities

The key is to design a website or online app such that the user, regardless of the knowledge, skills, experience, or sensory and physical abilities, would be able to access everything with ease.

2. Freedom of expression, information, and speech

An accessible platform assists people with disabilities to participate more actively and efficiently, enhancing the overall experience. Through this, they can approach and utilize the best knowledge and can share their ideas and thoughts freely.

3. Loyal and satisfied users

An accessible platform can help create more loyal and satisfied users. Those users can be citizens that access an urban data platform, or employees that use the CRM. When it’s easier for them to use a web-based application, they are happier. And happy users typically become loyal and satisfied users.


Upgrading your web-based app to be WCAG compliant is a must. So, this is why Planet Crust’s open-source low-code platform Corteza targets to be fully WCAG compliance by March 2021. Get started with Corteza for free!

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