How Do You Choose a Smart School Management System?

Smart school management systems are a specific type of ERP (enterprise resource planning) tool with various features and tools that can help assist a school’s day to day administrative and educational tasks.

Cloud-based smart school management systems can help facilitate open and effective communication of academic and administrative data. This can further help improve the overall productivity of institutional administrators, teachers and students. Additionally, it also helps your educational institution collect and organise more analytical student data. And in the end, you can provide a better overall learning experience in your smart school.

Features of smart school management systems


In today’s digitally evolving climate, the amount of data to be handled daily is growing exponentially. Educational institutions are often tasked with collecting, recording and maintaining students’ sensitive and personal details.

Therefore, a good smart school management system should have effective security breach defence lines in place to ensure complete data confidentiality. A smart school management system’s security strategies should involve inclusive user login authentication. Additionally, it needs data encryption and a comprehensive and holistic disaster recovery plan.

Automatic report generation

Smart school management systems should be able to collect inputted student assessment data, analyse data patterns, produce valuable insights and automatically produce detailed student performance reports. This information should also be easily accessible to students, parents and teachers at any given point.

The details of the automatically generated reports can also be tailored and customised to cater to your educational institution’s needs and requirements specifically. These automatic reports are not just limited to student test assessment data. Smart school management systems can also create detailed student attendance reports that can be easily communicated to parents and teachers.


With the rising popularity and necessity of remote learning, more and more students are using mobile devices to access academic resources. In fact, 70% of web traffic today comes from mobile devices.

Therefore, an educational institution’s smart school management system should not be restricted to a specific type of user device preference. User interfaces and data should be equally accessible to institutional administrators, teachers, and students regardless of their available technology.

The increasing use of mobile optimised management systems also means that users will be able to access the school network at any given moment, increasing the efficiency of your school and its productivity in the long run.

Crust: Automate and Innovate Your School Management

Corteza, the open-source low-code platform built by Crust, can help revolutionise your school’s management and operations with its effective automation and communication tools. Crust can also help you track student data and display it efficiently using various graphic and visualisation tools.

It also allows you to produce student assessments with automatic report generation tools. Try a demo to see how smart school management systems can help transform your educational institution.

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