How Can Manufacturers Safely Ramp Up Global Operations?

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the operations of manufacturers all across the world in almost every sector. This global crisis caused different production manufacturers to either completely shut down their operations. Or pivot to producing pandemic-specific goods such as face masks, personal protective equipment or other medical products or devices.

As the pandemic progresses, there are still many challenges and roadblocks that continue to limit manufacturers’ operations globally. However, there are several ways that manufacturers can accelerate and ramp up their global production without compromising safety.

How manufacturers are ramping up global operations

1) Manufacturing production ramp readiness

Introducing new products or production systems is an essential phase in ensuring manufacturing success. Manufacturing production ramp readiness can help manufacturers safely restart their operations, accelerate and maintain ongoing production rates, and manage the health of your business’s employees. This step can also ensure that your production processes meet and comply with legal bodies rules and safety regulations.

2) Supply chain collaboration and communication

35.5% of manufacturers expected a supply chain disruption during the course of the pandemic. Existing supply chain systems have now been rendered obsolete by the massive consequent changes. Therefore, ensuring and managing effective, open collaboration and communication throughout your supply chain became vital for facilitating significant growth and development for your production process.

Automation can significantly improve your business’s supply chain management system by performing time-consuming and repetitive tasks almost completely autonomously. You can further improve your business’s supply chain collaboration and communication systems. By identifying and rectifying gaps in your communication channels.

Supply chain management solutions can help your business maintain relationships with current suppliers, identify and activate alternate suppliers in the case of unprecedented changes in your supply chain.

3) Using self-service options

Due to the unpredictability of the current business climate, many customers are looking for payment exceptions, modifications, or concessions. There may also be a large number of customers looking for self-service options, either through your website or email.

In fact, studies have shown that 70% of consumers expect a company’s website to have some self-service tool or application. Therefore, your business needs to enable self-service features through your communication channels and automate payment concessions such as modifying interest rates to retain current customers.

Crust-Perfect Automation Tool To Help You Ramp Up Operations

Crust’s open-source, low code service solutions can help manufacturers safely ramp up their global production operations without compromising safety or revenue. Crust’s intuitive design and a 360-degree view of client history can help your business accelerate its manufacturing capabilities to the next level. Try a demo to see how you can safely ramp up your manufacturing operations.

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  1. Health and Safety Consultant
    Health and Safety Consultant says:

    Manufacturers must be aware that the global pandemic has changed the way they do business. To ensure their workers remain safe, and operations can continue, they should focus on creating a protocol that includes proper hygiene precautions, social distancing, and flexible staffing to be prepared for any future outbreaks. Additionally, manufacturers should use technology to monitor their facilities remotely and train staff in new processes or procedures.


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