How Automation Can Enhance Marketing

The world today is brimming with billions of businesses. Naturally, this means that there is an immense similarity in the services provided and the products introduced. And what separates a good product from a great product is smart and efficient marketing.

But while marketing strategies require talented individuals’ genius, the deployment of those strategies requires a smart mechanism. To make your content reach the right consumers, you need a well-oiled machine that dispenses it to the right people. That is where marketing automation comes in.

Automation can benefit marketing in numerous ways. From increasing productivity to enabling higher customer acquisition rates, automation helps increase all marketing campaigns’ overall output. Studies have shown that implementing marketing automation can result in a 14.5% increase in a company’s overall sales productivity. When used correctly, marketing automation can help your business be more responsive to customers and prospects without actually having to use manual, time-consuming communication techniques.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

1) Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Marketing automation software can automate routine tasks that your marketing team otherwise would have to perform manually. Tasks that once required hours of repetitive action can now be automatically completed within minutes. This helps your marketing department focus on other important high-level strategic tasks.

Crust’s peripheral workflow engine helps automate everything- from scheduling cold calls with clients to sending out notifications about new developments. The efficient automation tool helps your business achieve a higher level of productivity by letting your employees focus on completing key organisational goals without worrying about everyday office processes.

2) Enhanced Lead Nurturing Efforts

According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, companies that respond to new, prospective leads within the first hour are seven times more likely to qualify their leads compared to companies that take more time.

Therefore, automating your business’ marketing efforts can ensure that prospective customers receive swift, accurate responses to queries without your sales representatives having to dedicate a significant amount of time to create new responses for the individual customer.

3) Maintain Existing Customer Relationships

Marketing Automation can not only improve lead-creation but can also help nurture and develop existing customer relationships. Automation can help your business record, process and display customer data and information so that valuable analytics and insights can be drawn.

Crust’s Low-Code platform has a variety of visualisation tools that display customer insights effectively. Visualisation helps increase the level of data organisation. With its help, when your sales agents correspond with customers, they can successfully address concerns and queries.

4) Personalisation

Research has shown that 44% of marketing experts found producing and delivering personalised content to be the biggest barrier to success in their marketing efforts. However, marketing automation software can help personalise promotional content by automatically filling in a customer’s name and location in a pre-designed template. This makes your marketing efforts more distinctive and unique. Personalising communication with consumers can effectively enhance the consumers’ loyalty towards your brand and their overall customer experience.

Crust- the perfect marketing automation software for your business

Crust’s open-source Low-Code platform is the perfect solution to all your marketing automation requirements. The high-end low-code solution holds automation features, customisation tools, communication channels and more in a unified space. Try a free demo Crust to see what difference a variety of futuristic tools can do for your marketing team.

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