Does Marketing Automation Work For Non-Profits?

Marketing automation is defined as using digital technology and software to automate and streamline various marketing-related tasks. Marketing automation can help improve organizational efficiency and long-term profitability.

Furthermore, marketing automation is essential for non-profits due to the low amount of financial resources and many marketing-related business processes.

Therefore, marketing automation can be highly beneficial for non-profit organizations. Studies have shown that 78% of successful marketers say that marketing automation is most responsible for improving revenue.

How Does Marketing Automation Help Non-Profits

1) Planning and Segmentation

Your non-profit organization can utilize marketing automation to accurately and efficiently plan for the future. Marketing automation tools can help your organization segment audiences further customize and personalize marketing communication.

Furthermore, marketing automation can help you create a list of potential donor leads, specialize client lists according to donor type, draft pre-made communication templates, personalize communication using cloud-based databases, preview emails on different device orientations and schedule emails to be sent at specific times.

2) Automatic Email Generation

Non-profit organizations can leverage the power of marketing automation technology to generate and distribute promotional emails automatically. Manually writing and sending promotional emails to donors and clients at the appropriate time can be highly time-consuming and lead to errors that can significantly impact your operational efficiency. Therefore, automatic email generation can be essential for automating organizational email communication. Furthermore, your non-profit organization can use email to thank donors and automatically send project updates.

3) Lead Generation and Conversion

Generating and converting prospective leads is one of the essential aspects of operating a successful organization. Therefore, taking advantage of a marketing automation tool to automate lead generation and conversion can be necessary for your organizational efficiency and productivity in the long run.

Marketing automation tools can be used to automatically collect donor information from subscription lists, utilize data for future marketing campaigns, and monitor engagement and communication. Studies show that marketing automation users experience a 451% increase in qualified prospective leads.

4) Social Media Marketing Automation

A recent survey conducted by SocialMediaToday found that 83% of marketers considered social media post scheduling highly suitable to automation. Therefore, your non-profit organization can use social media marketing automation to promote current campaigns by scheduling posts ahead of time.

This will ensure that content gains the maximum organic traffic possible and is posted at the optimum time.

Planet Crust- Automate Marketing-Related Business Processes

Planet Crust’s low-code, open-source software is the perfect tool to help your non-profit organization take advantage of the power of marketing automation. Planet Crust’s solutions are equipped with end-to-end automation engines, open workflow automation tools, data-rich dashboards, and much more. Try a demo so that your non-profit can take advantage of the various benefits of marketing automation.

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