Did Corteza Become No-Code?

Studies have shown that in the next 3-5 years, approximately 65% of all application development will be done using in-house, no-code, or low-code platforms. The growing popularity of no-code platforms is revolutionising the kind of applications that businesses can create.

With Corteza’s newest release, which contains various new features, including visual workflow builders, we are now both low-code and no-code. If desired, application software programmers can still use code to develop their software. However, software developers can now develop complex applications with automation features without ever writing a single line of code.

What is no-code?

A no-code platform is an application development platform that allows citizen developers with little to no traditional coding knowledge or skill to develop high-functioning applications with the help of graphic and visualisation tools.

Users can now select visual elements that they want to be included in their website or application. They can do that only using drag-and-drop editors without entering the associated code required to deploy them.

The rise of no-code platforms has greatly increased the efficiency and productivity of many businesses that can now better automate their enterprise application software.

Benefits of no-code

1) Faster development process

Enterprise applications that would have previously required many months to design and develop can now be automated within hours using no-code solutions. This means that the traditional application development cycle can be significantly reduced, which can further help increase overall developer productivity.

Drag-and-drop editors further aid in rapid prototyping, which means that applications can be designed, tested, and refined much faster than traditional application development methods.

2) Rapid update

Applications usually require constant software updates at regular time intervals to mitigate potential bugs and errors. Although this can be a tedious and time-consuming process, no-code platforms can help develop and deploy new software features without affecting the application’s overall speed. Application maintenance can now be automated without the constant interference of a skilled developer, as new developmental changes can be easily streamlined.

3) Cost-effective

No-code platforms can help significantly reduce application maintenance costs and the burden on your organisation’s IT team. This will be more cost-effective for your business in the future. No-code solutions can also help you create more software applications in significantly less time than ever before, which can help organisations save on development costs in the long run.

Corteza is Both Low-Code and No-Code

Corteza is Crust’s open-source agile digital work platform. It has the flexibility of low-code as well as the ultimate ease and comfort of no-code platforms. Corteza’s visual workflow builders, graphic features, and chart-making elements are the perfect tool to help your organisation automate its business processes. Try a demo to see how your business can take advantage of no-code software platforms.

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