Crust Technology donates Corteza, “The Digital Work Platform for Humanity”


Date: 20 June 2019
Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Crust Technology ( today announced that it is contributing all of its private cloud software infrastructure to the Commons Conservancy Foundation. The independent project will be named “Corteza” and marketed as “The Digital Work Platform for Humanity”.

A modern cloud architecture written predominantly in Golang and Vue.js, Corteza delivers powerful CRM, Urban Data Platform and Low Code Development platform for building records-based management systems.

Crust is delighted to launch Corteza, the Digital Work Platform for Humanity. Our sincerest thanks go the Commons Conservancy Foundation for welcoming us with open arms and to the new Corteza Board of Directorssays Niall McCarthy, CEO of Crust Technology Ltd.One of Corteza’s core ambitions is to be the 100% trustworthy work platform. Contributing our technology permanently to the public interest is the best manner in which to achieve this goal”.

Modern organisations depend on a lot of technology to deal with all their contacts and to efficiently organise their processes. Getting the right technology to support quickly evolving processes is core to the success of every business, not-for-profit and public body out there -and at the same time there certainly is no one size fits all.“, says Michiel Leenaars, Chair of The Commons Conservancy.So it is revolutionary that Corteza is contributing a strong open source information management offering with a comprehensive feature set out of the box, which any organisation can customise to exactly fit their needs. And on top of that, I’m excited about the fact that this allows organisations to have reliable and mature technology they can run on premises, which is a great boon for privacy“.

Fulfilling the promise to build a digital work platform for everyone is central to the mission of the Corteza project. “We have significant work ahead of us in order to make Corteza and its community fully diverse, inclusive, accessible and localized” says McCarthy, who will serve as Chair of the project for the next two years. “A first important step on the way to delivering this ambition has been to ensure that our initial Corteza Board of Directors consists of a majority of women, who are each already leaders in their own right. As time goes by, we will endeavour to diversify the board further and spread this inclusive philosophy throughout the community”.

Over the coming months, Corteza will also release of a series of initiatives which engage varying social and economic interests in the design of the platform, from commercial and public sector considerations through to humanitarian and ecological imperatives. The goal of these programmes is to encourage a vibrant community of policy, functional and technical contributors.

About Corteza:

Corteza is the Digital Work Platform for Humanity. The Corteza project builds a 100% open source, self-hosted cloud platform for growing your organisation’s productivity, enabling its relationships and protecting its work and the privacy of all those concerned. Corteza is developed entirely in the public domain, including its design considerations and processes. To download Corteza and for more information about the project, visit or follow @CortezaProject on Twitter.

About The Commons Conservancy:

The Commons Conservancy is an initiative to provide a lightweight organisational structure for open projects. Its mission is to strive towards a stable democratic and open global information society in which individuals can collectively scrutinise, reconfigure and improve upon any technology they depend on – unleashing and empowering human innovation at the widest possible scale, with the express intention to empower any individual to participate in all facets of social, cultural, economic and private life under conditions of his or her own choosing and with secure and reliable technology they can have full control over themselves. For more information, visit

About Crust Technology:

Crust Technology Ltd, headquartered in Ireland, is the driving force behind the open source Unified Work platform Crust, providing a flexible, self-hosted platform for your organisation to work and communicate internally while engaging with its customers, suppliers, partners and other third parties externally. Its integrated approach to identity, messaging and business logic delivers a simple-to-use yet extensible means for managing users and the applications they require every day, whether in the cloud, behind the firewall or a hybrid of the two. For more information, visit or follow @Crusttech on Twitter.

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