Crust releases Corteza 2021.3.6

Crust, the driving force behind Corteza, has released Corteza 2021.3.6. This new release includes the following updates and improvements:


  • Fixed module field default value validation with required fields
  • Temporarily reverted “fixed filtering with multi-value field”


  • Fixed the pre-filter for User module fields

How to install Corteza

You can follow the local setup instructions for a local development or demonstration instance of Corteza. If you are looking for setting up a live deployment, check out the extensive production setup instructions. If you have questions, you can engage with other community members on the Corteza forum.

How to upgrade your Corteza instance

To upgrade your instance to the latest version of Corteza, please check out our Upgrade Guide.

Try out Corteza online

Crust Technology has an online Corteza demo available. In this demo, you can try out the Low-Code platform, the CRM, and more.



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