Crust’s CRM Suite review by FinancesOnline

Crust’s CRM Suite has been reviewed by the renowned website, and received the “2019 Rising Star” and “2019 Premium Usability” awards. Reviews at FinancesOnline are created by a panel of skilled experts who manually create solid, detailed and trustworthy reviews, giving readers a useful overview of all key factors of each software. They test reviewed apps in a broad set of scenarios to reveal both places where it works best and where its disadvantages show up.

From the review we would like to highlight the following:

What Problems Will Crust’s CRM Suite Solve?

Improved Communications with Leads & Contacts

Huge opportunities need to be handled properly for them to become successful deals. Each communication and relevant information must be kept in one place. Crust’s CRM Suite assists you in this regard by providing a channel for every account. This is where users can communicate with their contacts, access all the necessary information, and ensure the security of the exchanged data.

Full Customization Control

Sales managers and other power users have the ability to customize Crust’s CRM Suite’s modules. They can even do so with ease since power and not complexity is written in the architecture of the solution. Administrators also have their jobs eased for them by the solution’s drag-and-drop mechanism, which hastens the building, modifying, and implementing processes.

Automation Cycles

For a company with numerous salespeople, it is important to have a fair distribution of leads. Crust’s CRM Suite can resolve this issue, as sales managers and owners can configure it to assign leads automatically to each representative. Administrators only need to create the flow in the solution’s automation process builder and include rules for email notifications.

The complete Crust’s CRM Suite review by FinancesOnline is available on their website, and please feel free to leave a user review too!

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