Can I make advanced charts in an open-source CRM?

Having advanced charts in a CRM Suite is essential. As a manager, you need to be able to see the most up to date information in easy to understand dashboards. This seems very straightforward, but most open-source CRM providers fail here. However, Crust is different. Crust CRM allows you to create beautiful and advanced charts and enables you to add metric blocks to any page.

What do charts in an open-source CRM Suite look like?

In Crust we have created an advanced open-source chart builder, that allows you to build the most common charts businesses need. And we are exited to share some screenshots of soon to be released new chart types. Including the new chart types, Crust allows you to create:

  • line charts
  • bar charts
  • combined line and bar charts
  • pie charts
  • donut charts
  • funnel charts
  • gauge charts

Additionally, in the next release there will be metric blocks.

New charts options

In the upcoming release funnel charts, as well as gauges are added. Additionally, charts will have more options, allowing you to make spectacular looking  dashboards. One interesting upcoming feature to highlight is the option to select a predefined color scheme, based on popular tools such as ColorBrewer, Microsoft Office and Tableau.

Another interesting new feature is to set the line curve. You can make nice smooth line charts by selecting a line curve.

With the new charts, and with the new chart options, you will now be provided with dashboards that look like Salesforce’s Lightning dashboards.

New metric blocks

A different type of page block, that will be available in the upcoming Crust Low-Code development platform release, is the metric block. This block is showing a single number. Why is this important? Firstly, it enables you to see your main KPIs in a glance. Secondly, they are easy to understand.

Some examples of metric blocks are:

  • Number of leads
  • Average deal size
  • New users per month
  • Total value of the pipeline

Any important value can be shown in a metric block and allows you to create a truly powerful open-source sales dashboard. Or in fact, you can use them on any kind of dashboard, such as education platform dashboards, IOT dashboards, HR dashboards, …

Upcoming Crust release

The next Crust release, with the new chart updates, is expected to go out soon. To be among the first to be informed about the release, sign up for our newsletter. You can opt in for it requesting a Crust demo and ticking the newsletter box.

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