Amazon Honeycode? A Feature-Poor Alternative to Crust Low-Code

You may heard that Amazon is dipping its toe in the No-Code/Low-Code market. It’s worth mentioning that it’s early days for Honeycode and the offering is still in beta. However, on the evidence so far, it’s aimed at very small businesses and limited use cases. This is definitely not Amazon aiming for the enterprise market.


Customer tracker app home page on Honeycode

CRM home page on Crust

CRM home page on Crust

Why is Crust Low-Code the best choice?

The Crust Low-Code Development platform leads the open-source pack. A rich alternative to “Lightning”, Crust delivers enterprise-grade features and extensibility. Deployed on Docker, the open-source Low-Code Development platform will run on any cloud of your choice, AWS included.

For once, an Amazon price appears to be painful. 2500 records is a tiny volume of free records, even for a small business. The amount of data required to successfully run an organisation nowadays is far greater. After that, the Honeycode price scales aggressively. Built in multi-threaded Golang, Crust scales beautifully and your return on investment grows with data volume.

Even as a small business, you will want to ensure a customer-focused approach. Crust Low-Code allows you to spread the net wide by default, harnessing as many users as you wish from day one. Why pay for the amount of data entries/records when you can just pay for use of the system with unlimited users and records?

However, it’s really all about the quality and flexibility of data models and UI/UX you can build in Crust Low-Code. The “No-Code Low-Code” approach must be a viable substitute for traditional enterprise application development. In this regard, Crust Low-Code outstrips Amazon Honeycode by several orders of magnitude. Honeycode seems to limit itself to a tiny handful of rapid application development use cases.

Customer tracker app single record on Honeycode

CRM single record view on Crust

What advantage has Amazon with Honeycode?

Is there anywhere where Crust Low-Code comes up short compared to Honeycode? In terms of direct feature set, it appears not to be the case, with Crust winning that battle easily (so far!). However, in terms of what is a B2B marketplace, clearly Amazon has some core advantages. As ever, it will leverage its giant portfolio of products to promote Honeycode.

Crust is due to make its play in the marketplace arena later in 2020. We’re excited about our plans and will publish more articles on the subject as the event draws closer. Delivering ecosystem is fun and, if done well, profitable for all involved.

Applications made with Crust Low-Code

Looking for an example of software application development on Crust Low-Code? Check out Crust CRM Suite, the open-source Salesforce alternative, or Crust Service Solution. A Low-Code Development platform should be capable of delivering Smart Apps of all types. It should also come with a BPMS tool like Corredor, the open automation engine. Crust Low-Code delivers on all fronts. Try it out at

Customer tracker app reporting on Honeycode

CRM reporting in Crust

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