Why It Makes More Sense To Build Your Own Apps Rather Than Buy Them

With recent technological advancements and changes in our current business landscape, enterprise applications are now an indispensable asset to any modern organization. Therefore, most companies are now searching for the best possible way to create and manage enterprise applications.

However, many businesses may be unclear about whether or not they should purchase their applications from a third-party developer or build their own applications. Although purchasing applications may provide businesses with some convenience and ease in the immediate term, building your own applications can provide your business with substantial opportunities for flexibility, adaptability, customization, scalability and much more.

Furthermore, with the rise of low-code platforms, businesses can now build their own applications faster than ever before. A recent study conducted by Gartner has forecasted that approximately 65% of all application activity will result from low-code and no-code development by the year 2024. Low-code development can also empower citizen developers with little to no traditional coding experience to build powerful, high-functioning applications without the interference of skilled developers.

Why Your Business Should Build Apps Instead Of Buying:

1) Facilitating Back-End Integration

If your business builds its own application, it can take advantage of the wide variety of benefits of owning all of its digital infrastructure and systems; hence enabling the application to form seamless connections with its back-end frameworks. This includes user accounts, analytical and statistical databases, payment portals and much more. Therefore, back-end integration features can enable customers to view a consistent presentation of data across numerous systems.

Although purchased applications may be suitable for organizations with an extremely limited number of employees and amount of historical data, they can often be impractical for data-driven organizations that rely on consumer data to optimize business processes over time.

Therefore, by building your own applications, your business will be able to substantially increase integration across numerous data systems. This means that instead of necessitating multiple windows and data systems, your employees will be able to access organizational data and applications using one consolidated system. Building your own applications can also enable your business to retain more control of data management processes, which can significantly improve data accuracy and reliability in the long run.

2) More Control Over User Experiences

Building your own applications can enable your business to gain more control over various visual and technical aspects of application development. Graphic design and data presentation can be extremely important factors for the success of any enterprise application. Furthermore, user experiences can be a critical aspect of the survival of any modern business.

Recent studies have shown that 66% of customers expect companies to be able to anticipate and understand their needs. Therefore, building your own applications can enable your business to create a more consistent and reliable user experience by addressing consumer expectations and preferences much more efficiently and effectively than ever before as well as maintaining consistency in terms of user interfaces and data presentation.

3) Faster Updates and Bug Fixes

Although many businesses may view buying applications as more efficient than building their own software; it can actually be much more time-consuming for modern businesses in the long run. As technology continues to evolve, updating enterprise applications and fixing various software bugs is more important than ever before.

However, purchasing an application can make fixing various design issues much more difficult than simply building your own application. If your business outsources application development processes to a third-party developer, application updates and bug fixes could potentially require weeks if not months to be completed.

Building your own applications can enable your business to take control over the application development process by facilitating uncomplicated bug fixes and software upgrades. Efficient troubleshooting and software upgrading processes can help your business to prove to users that your company is reliable and credible.

4) More Customization Opportunities

Buying applications instead of building them can substantially limit the number of customization options that are available to your business. Although buying applications may be more efficient, it can also mean that your business will not have access to tailored interfaces and functionality. However, by building your own applications, your business will not only be able to gain access to a wide variety of customization options that would have not otherwise been available but can also empower your business to further customize features over time.

Customization can help your business ensure that users obtain the best experience possible, which can ultimately help improve organizational profitability in the long run. Recent studies have shown that a good user interface can raise a website or application’s conversion rates by up to 200%. Therefore, building your own application can help your business create a more effective, user-friendly and personalized application and consequent user experience.

Furthermore, low-code platforms can help businesses build powerful enterprise applications that can be easily customized and personalized to consumer preferences, requirements and expectations.

5) Adaptability and Agility

Many modern businesses believe that buying an application is much more convenient than building their own applications. However, although purchasing an application may be able to save time and resources in the short term, it may restrict your business’s potential for scalability in the long run. However, building your own applications can empower your organization to completely customize application development processes and application features over time.

Therefore, building your own applications can help create much more adaptable and agile enterprise applications than buying them.

Planet Crust – Leverage Low-Code Development To Build Powerful Applications:

Corteza, created by Planet Crust, is a 100% open-source platform that can help your business leverage the power of low-code application development to build powerful, high-functioning enterprise applications faster than ever before. Corteza is equipped with rapid application development, business process management and integration hub management that make building applications much easier. Furthermore, Corteza can provide your business with freedom from vendor lock-in scenarios, customization opportunities, control over data and applications and instant deployment tools.

Try a trial now so that your business can take advantage of the wide variety of benefits of building your own applications instead of buying them.

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