Why is 2021 Going to be all About Cloud?

The world came to be a pause when the pandemic turned in. The rat-race among the global businesses came to a stop with negligible activities taking place. But cloud computing came to the rescue, and all the activities and transactions were back on track. Cloud Computing which played a key role in uplifting and managing the global economy, remote workplaces, and global supply chain in the lockdown period is going to play a more crucial role in the upcoming 2021 year as well. Majorly because the effects of the pandemic in 2020 are going to linger in 2021 as well and cloud would be the best option to improve scalability, business developments, cost efficiency, and employee productivity.

Domination of Hybrid Cloud Computing and Serverless Computing

According to the study of Cisco, 94% of the worldwide workloads will be controlled by the leading cloud data centers of the world by 2021. Organizations around the globe have preferred hybrid cloud computing for improving production, logistics, and managing the workflow. The remarkable speed, effective control, and better security are the reasons why companies would choose hybrid computing in 2021. Serverless computing is another technology that has been gaining popularity in recent digital transformation days. The technique has an amazing capacity of relocating the entire foundation of the organization and isolating the start and end part from the application, thus providing better flexibility and visibility in the working.

The Rise in Public Clouds

Public clouds showed tremendous growth during the pandemic period and will continue to progress in 2021 as well. The leading cloud giants are expected to acquire a majority of the market and expand across the global economy. As per the latest report from IDC, the enterprise cloud spending-both public and private increased by 34.4 %, while non-cloud IT spending declined by 8.7%.

Low-Code Dominance

While the cloud makes sure the applications have low-latency, it also helps the organization access the applications from anywhere, anytime. This is what leads to the popularity of low-code application development platforms that allow hosting apps on any cloud. And that cloud can be public or private. Building business apps is extremely seamless today. All you need is a trustworthy low-code application development platform provider and cloud services to set up your business app and get running.

Cloud-based low-code applications are quick, cost-efficient, and productive ways of operating businesses in this digital world. Without the need for any technical expertise, you can set up your application and ensure fast, smooth services to your customers.

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