Why choose Crust and Corteza?


“Because Customer and User Trust are Sacred!”

I’ve been asked a good number of times over the last few days why Crust Technology decided to donate all its software intellectual property to the Commons Conservancy Foundation and created Corteza “The Digital Work Platform for Humanity”. Why give away what many tech businesses consider to be the crown jewel in their commercial portfolio?

There were many elements to our decision, but the over-riding priority was the desire to satisfy the burgeoning market requirement for trustworthy technology platforms. In order to build and maintain a genuinely competitive, private cloud alternative to the likes of Salesforce and Dynamics, we need the heart of our platform to look and feel similar to digital work platforms such as Microsoft Office365, Google’s G Suite and Slack, while delivering an unparalleled level of customer control, privacy and flexibility. That’s no small undertaking. The Corteza project, with its complete openness, broad outreach programmes and ecosystem growth, will ensure our focus remains concentrated yet inclusive.

Our customers and our customers’ customers need to know that digital work platforms can be implemented in their best interests. It’s often where the entirety of an organisation’s document-based intellectual property, competitive information (e.g. meeting appointments) and sensitive discussions are stored. Knowing what happens with this data can be critical to business survival and growth.

Of course, it’s not just businesses that are affected. Entire countries are beginning to step back from the giant public cloud model. Sweden is one such example (https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/collection/open-source-observatory-osor/news/us-office-clouds-unsafe), but others are following. The movement towards digital data sovereignty and private digital work clouds is gaining pace. For democracy to flourish and governments to be strong we need to be certain that the law of the desired jurisdiction applies first and foremost.

At Crust Technology, our crown jewel is the trustworthiness of the framework within which Corteza Low Code and Crust’s CRM Suite are delivered. By building exclusively on the Corteza platform, we deliver the most powerful form of escrow for our customers, guaranteeing permanent availability of the software code. By enthusiastically pursuing feature parity with market leaders, modern architectures and great UX, we drive Corteza towards being the CRM and the secure service solution platform of the future.

To join the Corteza project, sign up to https://latest.cortezaproject.org (it’s fast and easy to sign up)

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