Why Are Standards In Technology Important?

As the world simultaneously tackles health crises, social crises and economic crises, this might seem an impossible question to answer. I would argue that a major priority is to stay informed about the facts and different points of view with respect to the facts.

However, even this is hard to do when standards of reporting and journalism often seem non-existent. That word “standards” is really important. Without standards, everything becomes messy. We need to hold our governments to high standards just like we need to ensure the quality of our food and water reach hygiene standards.

In this regard, technology is no different. It too needs to be standards-centric. We also need to know that the right experts have inspected the quality of the source code. This means independent experts, not just those chosen and paid by the authors to assure the quality, security and reliability of the execution. So technology being open source helps a lot too.

Crust will be Targeting the Domains of Health, Public Sector and Economic Growth in 2021

Crust is the open-source Low-Code Development platform and leading Salesforce alternative. We take great pride in our free CRM Suite, the default market choice of Golang CRM. However, Crust is also a leader when it comes to implementing standards.

Corteza, the free software project which Crust leads and maintains, aims to be “The Digital Work Platform for Humanity”. Everything from identity controls to data formats and API’s are standardised. We deliver top end data portability tools to ensure you’re never locked in. In early 2021, every aspect of Corteza Low-Code will be compliant with the WCAG accessibility standard.

Many a business across the world will be developing a digital transformation strategy in 2021. Re-structuring and cost costing are going to be major themes. Getting more for less money will be the optimal outcome. Embracing next generation, open-source business applications such as Crust Low-Code and Crust CRM Suite will be key. A customer-focused approach based on standards and openness drives confidence.

Public health is on everyone’s minds at present. Crust has already begun work on a state-of-the-art backend infrastructure to deliver near instantaneous data sharing between large numbers health applications – all while preserving privacy standards. We’re also building plans to support public sector institutions. As the reshaping and transformation of the relationship between citizens and government continues, Crust will deliver products enabling greater co-ordination between government departments and administrations, while encouraging more meaningful and calibrated interactions with the private sector.

Standards, Openness and Great User Experience are what Crust and Corteza represent. They should be representative of any government too.

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