What knowledge is required to build apps with low-code?

Low-code development is a visual feature-based approach to application development. It can help your business create highly effective applications using a multitude of different graphic tools and pre-built templates. The low-code development process is much more efficient than traditional application development, which requires writing repetitive, time-consuming lines of code.

The rise of low-code application development solutions has enabled software developers with little to no traditional coding experience or knowledge to create complex applications. And they can do this in minutes, which would have previously required many hours. Studies have shown that low-code solutions can reduce the traditional application development process by up to 90%.

Why working with low-code is easy

1) Visual-editing

Low-code platforms utilise graphic tools and drag and drop editors to create visually appealing website and application user interfaces. Many low-code application development platforms also come with pre-built templates that can make software production and customisation much easier than ever before. Drag and drop editors allow users to choose visual elements they would want to include in their website, with the associated coding language automatically being embedded.

2) Automation

One of the key advantages of using low code software is automating time-consuming business processes that an employee would have otherwise had to do manually. Actions such as collecting, recording and displaying organisational data and information can be automated using various data collection and chart making tools. This means that your employees can utilise this valuable time performing other higher-level organisational tasks. Furthermore, this will result in increased efficiency of productivity of your organisation as a whole.

3) Rapid prototyping

Application prototypes can be quickly and easily prototyped using low code platforms. These prototypes can then easily be tested, evaluated and refined. You don’t need to rely on complex formal, high code software or skilled software developers to do so.

Low-code further assists rapid prototyping by providing various dashboards and pre-built application models that can effectively speed up the application development cycle and reduce overall financial expenditure. Furthermore, coding experience or expertise is not required to do so. In fact, 24% of users had no coding experience before using low code platforms.

Crust: No Coding Experience Necessary

Crust has developed and keeps developing, Corteza, the open-source low-code solution that helps your business grow smartly and efficiently. It lets your employees automate business processes without previous coding expertise or knowledge and make attractive user-centric apps without hassle.

Features such as pre-built user templates, dashboards, graphic and visualization tools etc, are the catalysts that can take your business’ performance to the next level. Try a demo to see how you can take advantage of the multitude of different benefits of low code platforms.

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