What Is the Best Open-Source Software?

Open-source software is defined as any commercial software that is openly licensed and accessible for users. Open-source software also allows users to share, adjust and modify its source code to adjust to their specific needs and preferences.

Approximately 78% of companies run at least some of their business processes using open-source software. Open-source software encourages cross-departmental collaborative participation, open principle exchange, rapid enterprise application prototyping, and community-focused software development.

Best open-source software in the market right now

1) Corteza

Crust’s low-code, open-source platform, Corteza, is the perfect tool to help your business develop its productivity and efficiency while prioritising and protecting your organisation’s security and its customers.

Corteza offers various enterprise applications that can help businesses automate their day-to-day business processes, such as enterprise-grade customer relationship management software, Corteza low code, and the Corteza service solutions. Corteza can help businesses build scalable cloud-based enterprise applications faster than ever before.

2) WordPress

WordPress is an open-source community project platform that allows anyone to use, examine, modify and redistribute its source code. WordPress’s open-source nature means that users can also help improve the platform with testing. And so report bugs and errors, and submit patches. WordPress is unique in that it has an endless number of complementary plugins, such as WordPress website builder Elementor and Yoast.

3) LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a feature-rich open-source office suite that allows users to automate business processes and its clean and organized user interface. LibreOffice offers businesses a variety of useful office apps that are all compatible with other types of software.

However, as LibreOffice is not cloud-based, online collaborative editing of documents can become tedious and difficult.

4) Gimp

Gimp is a fully open-source photo editing tool. Gimp has a fully customizable user interface and advanced editing tools to help users achieve powerful photo editing. Graphic design elements such as filters, automatic photo quality enhancement, and layers allow users the flexibility and power to create high-quality digital images.

4) KdenLive

KdenLive is an open-source video editor that supports various video formats and offers users multiple valuable features. The software has multi-track editing, which supports an unlimited amount of video and audio formats. It means that users have multiple opportunities for flexibility and scalability.

Kdenlive is also equipped with built-in editors which help users create, crop, delete, modify and move video, audio, and text media. Furthermore, KdenLive offers audio signal processing features. That allows users to perform pitch-shifting, volume adjustment, normalization, distortions, obscuring, and much more.

Corteza Low Code: Best Open-Source Software

66% of I.T. leaders have stated that an open-source software strategy is important to an organization’s overall enterprise infrastructure software plans. Corteza, Planet Crust’s open-source, low-code digital work platform, is the best open-source software currently available in the market.

Corteza’s API-centric interface and cloud-based databases allow businesses to control their digital infrastructure, freely access data, prioritize organizational security and client security and encryption, and take advantage of opportunities for digital transformation. Get a free trial of Corteza so that your business can take advantage of the best open-source software in the market.

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