What Is the Best Open-Source Case Management Tool?

Case management is defined as the tracking, recording, coordination, and analysis of various services on behalf of a case in multiple sectors such as healthcare, law, social work, rehabilitation, employment, insurance, and more. However, manually keeping track of all this data and information can be time-consuming and lead to disastrous errors. 

Therefore, many businesses leverage the power of case management tools and software to track and store information in one centralized digital location automatically.  The global case management software industry is expected to reach a market value of $7,587.54 million by 2025, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.2%.

Must-Have Features For Open-Source Case Management Tools 

1) Centralized Databases

One of the most essential features for effective open-source case management tools is a centralized, cloud-based database. A centralized database will allow your business to store all the relevant information related to a case in one easily accessible and secure central repository. This will also enable case managers to obtain information pertaining to a case with minimal time delays. 

2) Data Analysis

There is no point in collecting large amounts of case data if it is not analyzed and interpreted. Therefore, your business’s case management tool to keep track of cases should have data analysis features and business intelligence tools. This will allow your business to analyze gathered data and metrics to obtain valuable case insights. 

3) Multi-User Access

Case management software tools should allow all relevant individuals to access essential case data from one consolidated source. Multi-user access can help update appropriate parties about important case updates in real-time without having to individually share data manually. 

Multi-user access can also foster cross-departmental collaboration so that case management can be handled more efficiently and accurately. Its access can also be edited only to allow certain individuals to view sensitive case data. 

4) Secure Against Cyber Attacks 

When utilizing the power of an open-source case management tool, it is essential for you to evaluate the source code’s security and encryption. Certain cases may contain extremely sensitive data or personal details and should be kept secure from deletion, alteration, corruption, or theft. 

Therefore, the case management tool that your business chooses should be secure and keep data backups in multiple different encrypted locations.

The Perfect Open-Source Case Management Tool For Your Business

Planet Crust’s case management software, built on the open-source low-code platform Corteza, is the perfect tool to help case managers to keep track of all relevant case data efficiently and accurately. Planet Crust’s software solutions are equipped with powerful data reporting tools, chart-making features, and data-rich dashboards that can help your business make the most of collected case data. They can provide case managers with a 360-degree overview of a particular case, pre-made messaging templates, and automation templates to make case management more accessible than ever before. 

Start a free trial so that your business can take advantage of the various benefits of case management software. 

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