What Is the Advantage Of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is defined as the on-demand delivery of various types of computing services such as software, storage, databases, and much more through web-based platforms.

Cloud computing can help businesses to easily access organizational data and information through online resources without significant time delays, manage different software for various business processes, protect organizational and client privacy, and much more.

As the amount of data and digital infrastructure that businesses are expected to keep track of increases rapidly, businesses need to recognize the power of cloud computing. Studies have shown that 80% of companies that have adopted cloud-based technology have reported operational improvements.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

1) Data Security and Encryption

One of the biggest concerns of companies that utilize digital technology is the possibility of potential data security, encryption, and cybersecurity threats. However, adopting cloud-based solutions can enable your business to take advantage of increased security and safety.

Cloud-based solutions store organizational data in secure databases and carefully analyze user traffic before transmitting sensitive data to authorized users. Furthermore, many types of cloud computing software enable users to modify pre-configured security settings to fit their specific security and encryption requirements.


2) Data Insights

Accurate data insights are an extremely powerful tool that can help businesses facilitate more informed decision-making processes, anticipate potential future needs, develop risk management and avoidance strategies, and much more. However, many businesses may find it difficult to collect and analyze large amounts of data efficiently.

Therefore, many cloud-based solutions provide users with integrated analytical tools that can enable businesses to automatically generate valuable data insights that may significantly impact long-term productivity and profitability.


3) Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Research has shown that 39% of employees report a lack of organizational collaboration. Therefore, modern businesses must provide employees with sufficient opportunities to collaborate and communicate with each other.

Cloud-based solutions can not only enable employees to easily access information with minimal time delays but can also provide them with opportunities to openly communicate with each other using collaborative online workspaces. This can help increase employee satisfaction, efficiency and productivity.


4) Anticipation and Avoidance of Data Loss

As data is increasingly commoditized, businesses must recognize the importance of anticipating and preventing data loss as well as implementing effective and comprehensive data recovery programs in the event of a potential system failure. However, utilizing cloud-based software can enable users to safely back up important data and information online without having to utilize costly data backup sources.

Planet Crust – All Your Data Backed By Cloud

Planet Crust’s low-code, open-source solutions are the perfect cloud-based tools to help your business take advantage of the various advantages of cloud computing. Cloud computing has a wide variety of advantages, such as enhancing data security and encryption, generating detailed data insights, fostering cross-departmental collaboration and anticipating avoiding prospective data losses.

Planet Crust’s software is equipped with advanced chart-building tools, powerful data reporting tools, instant deployment features, visual workflow builders, drag-and-drop editors, scalable architecture, cloud-to-cloud federation, and much more. Try a demo so that your business can take advantage of the various benefits of cloud computing.

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    Distributed computing is actually an easy decision for any beginning up on the grounds that it permits you to test your strategy rapidly for minimal expenditure. Each beginning up, or even a division inside an organization that has a thought for a novel, new thing, ought to sort out some way to utilize distributed computing in its arrangement.


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