What is Smart Government?

A quick search of Google reveals many different definitions and interpretations of smart government. Most focus on the notion that a government is a smart government when they use technology to draw together and align information resources and workflows in public administrations. As the open-source Low-Code Development platform, Crust goes further, however.

Crust Low-Code is Ideally Positioned to Realise Smart Government Projects

Government bodies have to deal with many different technological matters. For example:

  • Cloud Case Management
  • ERP in Education and Smart Schooling
  • Customer Service Solution
  • Customer Management System
  • Digital Transformations
  • Digital Sovereignty
  • Enterprise Messaging
  • Accessibility Standards
  • CRM for Hospitals
  • Army CRM
  • Communication Service Solutions
  • IoT Dashboards and Smart City Infrastructures

There are more, of course. The great thing about Crust Low-Code is that you can use it to help address all of these subjects. But the story gets even better. For instance, Crust is working hard on delivering even more state-of-the-art data portability tools in its platform. For example, at present we have:

  • CSV/Excel import
  • JSON import
  • Advanced data mapping tools
  • Universal importer for legacy/old/non-standard data formats which can be normalised and standardised on Crust

Added to this, Crust will soon support multiple backend databases. This will allow you to choose the database of your preference or even store different components (e.g. identities, records and audit) of Crust in different databases. We acknowledge that the future smart city won’t be homogeneous technology. Therefore, we’re designing the Crust platform to be able to act as a nerve centre for all activity, regardless of the skill set your organisation has at its disposal.

Crust Low-Code allows you to imitate or even replicate your existing records-based systems. That could be a CRM Suite, case management software or some other example of database software. Cutting the costs of expensive, difficult to maintain, older systems is a crucial benefit for many clients.

Digital Transformation in Governments

Keeping a customer-focused approach at the heart of a digital transformation strategy is not just essential for private businesses, but for government organisations too. With so many disparate departments having to act in concert, keeping a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree view of citizen service provision is a significant challenge. It’s probably far more complicated than most businesses ever have to contemplate, be they in the financial service industry, an industry healthcare enterprise or any organisation delivering personalised service at scale.

The Crust platform allows your public sector team to spin up unlimited applications for handling and coordinating your work. It’s all open-source, so your data will always be yours. It’s built in the same modern code that Google uses to deliver much of its application infrastructure. Best of all, it takes the pain out of managing government IT infrastructure, allowing you to digitally transform your organisation comfortably, securely and without high costs.

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