What is intelligent business process automation?

With constant evolutions in automation and digital technology, many modern businesses are now concentrating on various strategies to facilitate digital transformation. These technological advancements include the implementation and integration of automation in the workplace. Studies have shown that over 80% of business leaders reported that they are currently speeding up work processes automation.

Automation has numerous benefits that organizations can take advantage of including significantly speeding up business processes and functions. With, increasing organizational scalability, reducing costs associated with performing certain tasks manually, empowering organizational employees to work on higher-level, more intellectually stimulating tasks, and much more.

What Are Business Processes?

Business processes are defined as an all-inclusive set of tasks and responsibilities performed by a specific enterprise to achieve certain short-term and long-term organizational goals and objectives. The efficiency and productivity of your organization’s day-to-day business processes are defining factors for future success and profitability.

Having comprehensive, holistic, and well-managed business processes can help modern organizations increase efficiency, save time, establish standardized operational procedures and policies and reduce opportunity costs associated with abandoning higher-level tasks. A recent study has shown that projects with business process management experienced 30-50% increases in productivity.

What Is Intelligent Business Process Automation?

Intelligent Process Automation is an approach to digital transformation that involves the automation of complex business processes to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of any business activity.

Intelligent Business Process Automation can help organizations optimize the efficiency of existing business processes, predict potential fluctuations in demand accurately, adjust business processes according to market fluctuations, and much more.

Intelligent business process automation combines the power of robotic process automation and machine learning to create algorithms and optimized procedures that can not only improve productivity but can also enable organizational employees to work on higher-level, more intellectually stimulating business processes.

This is made possible by automating various time-consuming, repetitive business processes that would have otherwise had to have been performed manually by an organizational employee. Intelligent business process automation tools have the ability to process unstructured data, improve task performance over a period of time and undergo rule-based decision-making processes.

What Are The Benefits Of Intelligent Business Process Automation?

1) Reducing Operational Costs

Intelligent Business Process Automation can not only reduce costs associated with performing certain business processes by significantly improving efficiency and productivity but can also reduce costs associated with financial and human resources.

Implementing automation into certain business processes can help businesses increase efficiency by enabling them to either scale down the size of certain organizational departments or allow employees to work on more intellectually stimulating business processes. This ultimately helps improve the business’s profitability in the long run and can substantially reduce existing operational costs.

24% of employers have named reducing operational costs as their number one reason for automating business processes.

2) Reducing Risk Of Human Error

Although human errors are to a certain extent unavoidable and inevitable, minor errors may have significant and irreversible consequences for your business. Furthermore, correcting human errors can be extremely expensive and time-consuming, which may ultimately affect the profitability of a certain project. Therefore, it is important to take a preventative approach to errors and tackle them in a proactive manner.

Intelligent business process automation can help your business avoid human errors by introducing algorithms that improve task performance over time. This will help save time and organizational resources as well as avoid having to undergo certain business processes over again.

3) Saving Time For More Crucial Tasks

One of the biggest concerns for modern organizations is a lack of time to achieve organizational goals and objectives as per schedule. However, introducing intelligent business process automation can enable businesses to save a substantial amount of time by automating various time-consuming and repetitive tasks that would have otherwise had to have been performed manually.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools can perform certain tasks much faster and more accurately than human employees which will then allow them to work on business functions that cannot be automated such as client relationship management or customer service.

4) Data Integration

As the number of enterprise applications and data systems that businesses are expected to implement increases exponentially, it can be difficult to keep track of such large amounts of data and ensure that it is accessible whenever needed. However, intelligent business process automation can allow businesses to ensure that data is integrated between multiple different enterprise applications and data systems so that data and information can be collected, analyzed, and assessed with minimal time delays.

5) Improving Employee Satisfaction Levels

Employee engagement and satisfaction are crucial to the success of any company. The quality of work done is defined by the quality of human resources a business has. Studies indicate that 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. Therefore, modern organizations must prioritize employee engagement and satisfaction.

However, intelligent business process automation can empower employees to work on more challenging business processes and tasks instead of undergoing monotonous and undiversified tasks that could easily be performed autonomously without human intervention. This will not only significantly improve employee satisfaction levels but will also improve long-term performance.

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