What Is Google I/O?

Although it was cancelled in 2020 due to the onset of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Google I/O is set to take place virtually from May 18th to May 20th. And, this year the conference will be open to all attendees, free of cost.

Google I/O is an annual developer conference where anyone who is interested in obtaining significant information regarding product releases, hardware and software advances, and overall technological updates can attend. Attendees can expect to have access to various different informative workshops, question and answer forums and keynote speaker sessions.

Things to look forward to in Google I/O 2021

1) Android 12

Google usually uses the Google I/O conference to introduce its next iterative Android update formally. Last year, Google unveiled the Android 11 update. Therefore, one of the main things to look forward to at the Google I/O developer conference is the likely announcement of the Android 12 mobile operating system software update.

Although the final version of the update will probably not be available until later on in the year, Google is predicted to use the conference to launch the Android 12 beta version officially. The new beta version is predicted to have features such as improved privacy notifications, split-screen multitasking and improved home screen widgets.

2) Google Pixel 5a

The Google I/O developer conference has also typically been utilised to announce new updates in component hardware. As the Google Pixel 3a was announced during the 2019 conference, with the Pixel 4a being announced last August, it can be predicted that Google will use the 2021 conference to announce the launch of the midrange Google Pixel 5a.

3) Google Assistant

Apart from major hardware and software updates, Google is also expected to use the conference to announce new advanced capabilities of its core services, such as Google Assistant, during the virtual Google I/O 2021 conference.

These include enhanced voice recognition, memory aggregation features, better device compatibility and new ways to control the virtual assistant. Google may also announce increased integration of Google Assistant in more of its products and services and functionality in more countries worldwide.

4) Applications and Services

Google is also expected to announce major updates in its flagship applications such as Google Pay and Google Maps. Recent feature additions such as new video editors and dark modes for Google Photos and Google Maps have resulted in speculation that new features or updates could result in new announcements being made during this year’s Google I/O. conference.

5) Flutter

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for creating apps that work perfectly in mobile, web and desktop. It gives developers a single codebase to build and deploy visually attractive and fast cross-platform apps. In Google I/O you will learn about what’s new since the Flutter 2.0 release.


This year’s Google I/O conference is sure to significantly revolutionise the software development industry, which will lead to enhanced innovation and creativity in the field. You can be sure to find many of Crust’s software developers there this year! Don’t forget to sign up as well!

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