What Is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software is defined as any software solution that enables people to perform a series of business processes related to the vehicular management of an organizational fleet.

Fleet management refers to the procurement and maintenance of vehicles, regulatory compliance management, driver management, environmental impact and operational efficiency.

As the amount of data that organizations are expected to track increases exponentially, many businesses are taking advantage of fleet management software. With it, they collect, organize and analyze data related to all aspects of vehicular fleet management.

It can help automate and streamline various day-to-day tasks associated with organizational fleet management. 42% of organizations that adopted fleet management software reported that they experienced significantly fewer safety incidents.

Features of Fleet Management Software

1) Driver safety

It can help your business obtain real-time data about driver behaviour to create detailed driver risk profiles. Fleet management software platforms can accurately measure and analyze various factors such as acceleration speeds, braking patterns, speeding and more.

This will not only help your business reduce fuel and vehicular maintenance costs but also reduce the risk of potential accidents. Your business can then further utilize this data to communicate with drivers to correct non-satisfactory driving behaviour, ultimately reducing road accidents.

2) Job management

Your business can utilize fit to automatically generate and keep track of driver timetable schedules and progress. Fleet management software can be used to dispatch certain trips to specific drivers as well as automate customer communication queries and inquiries.

This will also allow your business to streamline certain regulatory compliance measures such as signatures, photo identification and proof of deliveries. Fleet management technology can also monitor vehicular maintenance schedules to ensure that vehicles receive repairs at regularly scheduled time intervals, ultimately reducing maintenance costs and avoiding extensive vehicle damage.

3) Route planning

It can be used to ensure that drivers take the most optimized driving routes. This can help ensure that your drivers avoid traffic jams and known road accidents, ultimately increasing fleet productivity and reducing overall vehicular fuel consumption. Furthermore, this will help reduce delivery times and improve customer experiences in the long run.

4) GPS vehicle tracking

One of the most crucial aspects of fleet management is tracking where vehicles are at all times. Fleet management software can help collect and keep track of GPS data to ensure that your business can access real-time location data for any particular vehicle. It can also automatically monitor fuel levels, departure times and stops.

Build The Perfect Fleet Management Software with Corteza

The open-source low-code platform Corteza, created and maintained by Planet Crust, is the perfect tool to help your business build a fleet management software and automate and streamline various aspects of the fleet management process. Furthermore, Planet Crust’s CRM software solutions are equipped with various customization features that allow you to modify the system into an all-around fleet management software. Get a free trial so that you can take advantage of the multiple benefits of fleet management software that is tailor-made for your needs.

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