What Is Education Management Software?

Education systems now heavily rely on digital software due to innovative and revolutionary advancements in modern technology. Therefore, many schools, universities and other educational institutions have incorporated education management software in their classes and programs to increase organization and facilitate learning. This software not only saves time and resources for schools but is also preferred by students. As much as 90% of students say that they preferred online tools compared to traditional learning methods.

Education management software is a program that collects, processes, maintains and displays data and information within an educational organization and system. Administrators, teachers and students can use education management software in a variety of academic and managerial tasks such as collaboration, tracking student attendance, assisting student learning, increasing overall productivity and bridging learning gaps. So, with it, your school becomes a smart school.

Features of Education Management Software

1) Data Tracking

Education management software can help your educational institution track every step of a student’s learning journey and record important data and information. These include assisting student enrollment, monitoring the status of course content completion, registering attendance and conducting exam assessments. The tracking of this data is made easier by a system that connects administrators, students and parents through a single application platform so that information is available in real-time.

2) Graphics and Visualization

68% of people would believe a strictly textual scientific fact. But if the same fact is represented with a simple graph, the believability will increase to 97%. Highly effective education management software should be able to successfully collect and store important data and statistics, as well as draw insights from these analytics. Education management software tools will then display this valuable information in a concise and compact manner.

Planet Crust’s CRM Suite provides you with the option to visualize these figures and statistics through a variety of different charts and graphs, with a multitude of tools so that users can draw valuable insights from this data.

3) Asynchronous Learning

One of the significant advantages of education management software is producing and providing students with asynchronous course content. Asynchronous learning allows students to learn and complete academic coursework and assignments at their individual pace. Education management software can help you provide learners with pre-recorded, rewatchable instructional videos, communicative messaging boards, online assessments and forums which allow students to engage at their convenience.

4) Assessments and Automated Report Cards

Education management software can help you automatically track learner advancement as well as assess their progress through online tests and quizzing tools. This will help you track overall learner retention. With an automation engine, you can implement automatic grading tools. And you can easily make the results immediately visible to both the student and the teacher. Specialized Education Management Software can also track, record and report each student’s grade point average and display them efficiently using highly effective graphics tools and applications.

Transform your educational institution with Corteza

Planet Crust’s open-source low-code platform Corteza can help transform your educational institution with its flexible automation and communication tools. Corteza’s resources can help you track student data and display it efficiently using visual tools. It also allows you to have online asynchronous content that can be accessed at each student’s convenience, and conduct tests and assessments with automatic grading tools. Get started for free and transform your educational institution today.

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