What is BPMS?

According to Wikipedia, “Business Process Management is a discipline in operations management in which people use various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize and automate business processes.”

BPMS (Business Process Management Software or System) is a software platform for enabling BPM activities. Managing business processes is at the heart of your work, building a:

  • CRM Suite
  • applicative software
  • applications of IoT
  • tools for a digital transformation strategy

Corteza delivers powerful BPMS enabling features

As an environment for open-source BPM, the Corteza Low-Code development platform delivers a unique, flexible and rich approach to embedding or evolving your business processes. To start, Corteza encourages you to concentrate firstly on your desired data model. This is the opposite of sometimes confusing MDD models, which require significant technical expertise. In Corteza, the data model is all about the data factors. Your business wants to take into account and nothing more.

Planning the user experience (UX) in Corteza is a pleasure. It overlays the data model in the simplest, most intuitive manner possible, regardless of if you’re building:

  • smart apps
  • cloud computing for health care
  • an example of case management software
  • or even an open-source school management system

The UX draws on the data model where required, adding a rich visual component layer (known as “Blocks”in Corteza parlance). Additionally, it also allows the addition of third-party components where it makes sense. Such practical, real-life visualisation is rare in a BPMS tool. It removes a layer of complicated extraction that frustrates many BPMS tool users.



Automation is a key component of digital business process management, whether open-source BPM or proprietary. Corteza delivers the most flexible automation tool on the market via the “Corredor” engine, bending around whatever data model and user experience your organisation has constructed on the low-code platform. Coded in pure JavaScript, Corredor can automate any action across the entire platform.

As application development trends go, the Corteza approach delivers considerable advantages to many a BPMS tool. This is due to its intuitive approach to building business logic. Even a quick scan of the market for what tools are available for open-source BPM and open-source workflow will demonstrate that Corteza is an innovative leader of the pack. However, a little further digging will highlight that appreciation of Corteza’s approach is far from limited to the domain of free software.

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