What is an Open-Source Low-Code Platform?

It’s a cliché to say by now, but the world has entered stormy economic waters. Spending on information technology is due to decrease for the foreseeable future. Being less expensive than traditional development and often delivering better results, the growth of Low-Code Platforms is about to accelerate even further. Planet Crust offers the premium free and open-source Low-Code Platform Corteza for building records-based management web applications.

What is an Open-Source Low-Code Platform?

An open-source low-code development platform is an open-source solution that allows you to create and configure applications through a graphical user interface, instead of traditional hand-coding computer programme. The Low-Code Development platform may produce entirely operational applications, or require minimal workflow coding for specific needs. In contrary to proprietary Low-Code Platforms an open-source low-code development platform has no vendor lock-in and no high monthly fee, while still offering the same functionality and user experience.

Whether you’re looking to build smart apps, management software for IoT, a BPMS tool or simply the best open-source CRM suite on the market, Corteza Low-Code Platform is the best solution for your project. Standards-based wherever possible and equipped with a rich REST API, Corteza allows you to create simple or complex applications quickly and efficiently, while ensuring maximum compatibility with third-party software and services.

Creating Data Models in Low-Code

One of the key architectural elements of the Corteza Low-Code Platform is how simple it is to create data models without fuss. The developer is furnished with a complete range of data types and the tools to build more compound data types and even complex records with remarkable ease. Importantly, the data models remain permanently extracted from the web layer, allowing your organization to change or improve user experience and application look and feel without compromising operational data.

Low-Code Automation

For more advanced workflows, scheduling and automation, Corteza comes with its own Corredor Automation Engine. Whether its rich integration with Jira from Atlassian or Oro Tools to assist your organisation, or you require a cross-functional response to the question of what is case management in your enterprise and how can you address every department’s needs from one platform, the Corteza Corredor Javascript engine ties the story together simply and efficiently.

Corteza – The Market-Leading Business App Creator

With the free low-code open-source platform Corteza, your organisation has a market leading business app creator, an open-source workflow engine and presentation layer to drive your customer-focused approach forward. From elegant quotes on CRM to cloud computing for healthcare, the Corteza Low-Code Platform is an example of software application delivery at its best. For all your rapid application development requirements, make your choice open-source

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