What Is An Apache 2.0 License and Why Does It Matter To Your Business?

Open-source software development refers to the development of software and source code that users can openly access, modify and redistribute as they see fit. Open-source development can have a wide variety of extremely transformative advantages that can ultimately accelerate digital transformation and innovation. These include increased flexibility, speed and agility, reduced maintenance costs, improved security and faster updates.

However, it may be difficult for open-source developers to keep track of royalties, trademarks and patents when accessing and modifying open-source code. This is amplified by a wide variety of available software that claims to be open-source but limits user activity. Therefore, this can ultimately lead to reduced accessibility and consequent innovation. For this reason it’s important to choose open source software with the right license.

The Apache 2.0 license is the most flexible of all licenses and can be extremely beneficial for helping open-source developers access, utilize, modify and redistribute software without significant restrictions or limitations.

What Is an Apache 2.0 License?

The Apache 2.0 License is a free, open-source software license created by the Apache Software Foundation that largely promotes permissive, reliable and scalable software solutions by promoting open, collaborative development. There are innumerable uses for the Apache 2.0 license for citizen developers with little to no traditional coding experience. It is an extremely powerful tool that can enable citizen developers to make their solutions commercially available. The Apache 2.0 license allows users to access, modify, sublicense and distribute versions of software for any purpose.

The Apache 2.0 License is equipped with a wide variety of powerful upgrades from the initial license version. The Apache 2.0 license ensures that users are not at risk of infringing patents while accessing and utilizing the original software. Instead, users are provided with a license to any patent that is covered under the original software. With the Apache 2.0 license, commercial use and warranties are also permissible. Since the license’s terms and conditions do not impose strict barriers or restrictions, users have almost complete freedom to access, utilize and modify the original software.

Since it has been widely implemented as an open-source license, it is increasingly gaining traction as it promotes the use of open-source software in commercial, proprietary projects.  Research indicates that approximately 80% of enterprises expect to increase their utilization of enterprise open-source software for emerging technologies. Furthermore, Apache 2.0 licenses are extremely popular for their ability to enable open-source developers to build reliable, stable software, frequently update security patches, access module-based structures and leverage compatibility with numerous programming languages.

Benefits of An Apache 2.0 License for Your Business

1) Facilitates Open-Source Modification and Redistribution

The Apache 2.0 License allows citizen developers to take advantage of open-source development. It enables users to easily modify the source code of existing software, replicate source code for utilization in new software or simply update source code. The Apache 2.0 license also enables developers to easily deploy and distribute versions of this modified or updated software.

However, users must ensure that all versions of their distributed software include a copy of their Apache 2.0 license, a clear acknowledgment of it and identifiable modification notices on all altered files.

2) Open and Equal Developer Community

One of the biggest advantages of an Apache 2.0 license is helping to create an equal and open developer community. Open developer communities can help empower and facilitate unrestricted knowledge sharing, support, open-source code reviews and much more. Unrestricted access to a software’s source code can not only help reduce potential restrictions but also enable end-users to freely modify source code as per their specific requirements. The value of these individual contributions can prove to be extremely transformative for modern businesses.

The Apache 2.0 license also provides end-users with non-exclusive, perpetual rights to various copyrights and patents. End-users are also provided with the freedom to develop and establish their own terms and conditions for software usage, distribution and modification of their redistributed software. This is because commercial software that is released under an Apache 2.0 license does not necessarily have to be redistributed under the same license.

3) Creating Commercially Licensed Software

The Apache 2.0 license can enable users to build their own proprietary software for commercial use. Furthermore, end-users can leverage the power of Apache 2.0 licenses in any enterprise application or commercially licensed software. However, licensed proprietary software and organizational legal documentation must not contain Apache trademarks.

Users or organizations that make modifications to original source code are also allowed to distribute modified or reworked versions of their source code under a different software license with little to no significant disruptions.

Planet Crust – Leverage The Advanced Capabilities of An Apache 2.0 License:

An Apache 2.0 license can be extremely beneficial for helping businesses foster seamless open-source development without significant restrictions. Apache 2.0 licenses can enable organizations to facilitate open-source modification and redistribution, create an open and equal developer community and create commercially licensed software. Apache 2.0 licenses can also enable open-source developers to build reliable software, frequently update security patches, access module-based structures and take advantage of compatibility with numerous different types of programming languages.

Corteza, created by Planet Crust, is a 100% open-source, low-code platform that can enable your business to empower a flexible, integrated and standardized development environment. Corteza, which comeds with an Apache 2.0 license, lets users connect to and integrate any record-based data source or system, build and deploy an unlimited number of enterprise applications, design and create complex automated workflows and integrate across multiple types of environments. Furthermore, Corteza is equipped with API connectivity, data harmonization capabilities, customizable user interfaces, cloud-ready architecture, local offline developer environments, advanced search functionality and much more.

Try a trial now so that your business can take advantage of the wide variety of benefits of creating enterprise applications.

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